The Best Freelance Sites for Clients and Freelancers

People are looking for ways to make money. Whether you are an entrepreneur, a mom trying to stretch her budget, or someone who needs an outlet for their creativity. A freelance site is just what you need. If you are a writer, a designer, or a poet freelancing allows you to make money without being tied to an employer. Here are some of the best freelancing sites.


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1. Upwork

This site was previously named oDesk. It boasts 11.5 million clients. The site offers projects both long and short term. Projects that are paid by piece and by the hour. There are projects for every level of experience. Upwork has whatever you need.

2. Toptal

Toptal is for the freelancer who knows the score on freelancing, who possibly has a following, and is probably more experienced. The clients are some of the best and after passing the screening test you find assignments worth your time and for fair pay. The Toptal community have meet ups and offer tech events. The best part? No low bid contests.

3. Freelancer

At freelancer you can show off your skills by competing with other freelancers in contests. They offer enough projects for everyone. If you are confident in your skills and competitive you will attract more clients at freelancer.

4. Craigslist

There are several places on craigslist where a freelancer can find work. You can look under freelancing, under writer, and also under gigs. You have to be careful craigslist is notorious for scam jobs. You can also search by the city or telecommute. Really good jobs can be found if you wade through the rest.

5. 99Designs

This site is geared toward designers. Designers can compete in contests and get feedback from clients. This may be the best site for talented designers.

6. SimplyHired

This freelancing website offers jobs across the spectrum . From writers to retail workers to construction workers you can find a job here. The site offers a blog that has hiring tips, a company directory,and search filters.

7. iFreelance

This site is for freelancers such as writers, proofreaders, editors etc. It accommodates freelance marketers too. There is one thing that sets this site apart, it lets you keep all of your pay.

8. Fiverr

For only five dollars you can find someone to transcribe, design, translate, or create most anything. You can consult with others to get things done legally, financially, or creatively. Fiverr was created for the person who wants to land the right client with the right job right now. Unique talent can be found at fiverr plus it’s affordable for the client.