Understanding Payment As Experience & Payment As A Service


You're just running, carrying nothing else but yourself (& and a #wearable of any kind to be honest :-) ), go to a grocery store, because you like the experience of feeling things, you check what you might need, go back to the road and keep running. Finally you get home that day and a couple of things make a difference for you, you haven't bought anything at all, but the things that your need are there, even the things that you always forgot, plus you haven't carried home anything at all.

Nowadays our digital perception of the world mislead us regarding what important are the experiences in our life, it's not the product, it's not the service, it's the emotion, and at the end how easy and familiar are our experiences really matter. So how can we complement the avalanche of e-commerce that is eating retails over the world? is that a battle that analog world already lost?

I really like the concept of Payment as Experience, Generation Z and Millennial's looks for different things there is plenty of articles about how different they are, but to me in the end they look for convenience like everybody, the key is that they have more tools to do that. So they go to a Sport Shop test the bicycle, choose whatever they like, and then looks over internet for the big deal and make the purchase using e-commerce. So is it really a good strategy for the e-commerce to kill real life retail ? if no one can remember what a real experience looks like, how you would make a decision ?

Talking about Payment as a Service, what the commerce would need? from the e-commerce and real life retailers both have different needs, the e-commerce should look for ways to bring experiences to the customer, and real life retailers, need to leverage on experience and e-commerce capacities to survive.

At the end Centers of Experience, that use current installed capacity of retailers might be the answer, divert customers from real life retail to e-commerce, would led to brig the best of the two worlds.

Who would evolve first to Centers of Experience + e-commerce in a massive way? would be the big e-commerce that might start to build or acquire Center of Experience or the dying real life retail industry will hit the trend using the venom as the cure.

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