Sports Startups Use Blockchain to Improve World Cup Fan Experience

VICI Sports, a global platform closing the gap in fan experience for the 99% of sports fans who can’t watch live at the stadium, announced a new partnership with venture-funded BlocSide Sports Ltd., creator of MVP Token, the first cryptocurrency for professional football.

The new partnership will focus on advancing BlocSide’s mission to reward the biggest fans and improve access to football worldwide through the VICI Sports digital platform. Specifically, entire team fanbases can compete as one in free contests against rival fanbases during matches to win MVP Token, which can be spent on tickets, merchandise, memorabilia and exclusive experience from their favorite teams. The partnership includes a financial investment to expand the platform reach of VICI Sports during the 2018 World Cup.

There are over 51M passionate US sports fans, and <5% of them can experience games live at the stadium on any given day due to distance, economics, or lack of stadium capacity, resulting in a fragmented and impersonal fan experience.

Adam Jones, founder and CTO of VICI Sports, says teaming up with BlocSide will bring the fan experience to a new level.

“This partnership accelerates our mission to personalize the out-of-stadium experience for the 99% of fans who can’t attend a game live” said Jones.

“The combination of smart partnerships and blending technology help fans rooting for the same team find each other, watch games together, and win exclusive prizes from their favorite teams and brands as a community,” Jones added.

“We’re very excited to join forces with VICI Sports, a progressive team that places such a high value on out-of-stadium fan experience.” said Daniel Taylor, CEO of BlocSide Sports.

Taylor continued, “VICI Sports has built the modern blueprint for fan engagement technology. I’m excited to join them on their journey. This is a huge step in solidifying our mission to use financial transparency and 5G fan engagement technology to support the growth and evolution of fans and their stake in sports.”

BlocSide builds white labeled mobile/web solutions that integrate with a team’s current web and retail technical solutions. The company is leveraging augmented reality, frictionless payments, mobile ticketing, and blockchain technology to revolutionize the fan experience and giving football fans worldwide a stake in the sports they love through VICI Sports.

The bottom line? Both Fans and Businesses win during the World Cupthanks to MVP Token on VICI Sports debuting this summer.

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