What Are The Best Ways To Get More Attention & Exposure On Instagram?

It’s a challenge to get more exposure for a brand on Instagram because there is a lot of competition. In fact, marketers are often looking for new and updated ways to impress the consumers and get the views from influencers who could potentially help them gain even more followers. In the span of just 12 months, Instagram has made some major updates and changes, including adding multiple new features while fixing up some of the features that already existed.

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Now that changes have taken place, new strategies must be considered by business owners who’d like to get more attention for their brands. It’s not as simple as posting a picture, writing out a caption, and making sure to use a hashtag to make the post easier to find. It’s now important to get even more involved with Instagram, doing a lot more to achieve better results.


Use the Bio Section

People can easily get an impression of a brand from the minute they visit its page on Instagram. Because you want to leave the best impression, you need to utilize the space available in your Instagram bio section. It’s the perfect place to add short, simple, yet informative content with a link to your website to make it even easier for people to find you.

Your bio should make your objective clear. You want the consumers to know what you’re offering from the minute they reach your page. It helps to make sure the content in your bio includes a few essential keywords that may help with search engine rankings. Simply make sure you’re not overlooking the bio section because adding good content to it does make a difference.


Use Instagram Stories

Share and connect with your followers via Instagram Stories, it’s very powerful for online marketing nowadays. It’s a convenient way of quickly releasing details about new products or promotional offers. You may even supply some special codes for followers to use which would then expire after the 24-hour period was over.

The number of people watching Instagram Stories has drastically increased over this past year and that means it’s time to utilize the feature. You can add simple yet engaging content and post it as an Instagram story instead of as a traditional post. When you’re using the stories feature, you should add your location so that your followers know where you’re at and are aware of where they’ll need to go if they want to purchase something.

If there are some Instagram Stories you truly end up liking, you can always save them as highlights. If you save them, they’ll appear under the bio section on your Instagram page. Your followers would be able to watch those highlights when they want to.


Start Using the Live Feature

The Instagram Live feature was added back in 2016 and has become more popular than ever before. Many businesses and influencers are using it to connect with their audience, answering questions and responding to commentary left behind. It’s a fantastic way to increase brand awareness while making a better, stronger connection with the people who are already following you.

You can even use the updated Live Guests feature. This particular feature lets people go live with one another. If you’re doing a collaboration with a different business, you could choose to go live together instead of separately, reaching out to a much larger audience together.

There are risks associated with going Live. After all, it’s all live, so you need to make sure you’re not making any major mistakes. Even so, it’s an effective way to get more attention for your brand on the social media platform.


Spend Time Communicating With Followers

One of the reasons influencers have such a large following is because they’re not afraid to comment back and forth with people who write to them. If you want to get more followers and get more awareness for the brand, you need to communicate with your followers. If they have questions, you should answer those questions. If they make some comments, you should respond to them.

Try not to overlook comments and messages. When you’re getting tons of feedback at once, it’s hard to keep it all organized. While you may not be able to respond to every single person all the time, you should still devote plenty of time to responding to people on social media to build that trust between them and your business.


Be Yourself

While the tips mentioned above can come in handy, there is one thing you certainly need to do if you want to have more success with Instagram. Rather than trying too hard or acting like someone you’re not, be real and be yourself because that is the best way to gain a larger following. Your Instagram Stories and posts should convey some realistic messages that people can relate to and will enjoy looking at after they’ve logged into their accounts.

You don’t need to be perfect. People often prefer those who are more realistic and even more willing to accept flaws and faults. When Instagram first started out, it was all about sharing photos between friends and family. Now that more businesses are using it, the best way to make positive connections is to keep that authentic feeling between yourself and your followers.