How To Receive Donations Online Using Donorbox

How do you or your organization raise money today?

As we evolve into a more technological world, so does raising money electronically become easier. Online fundraising is not new, but it is evolving as new technologies become available. Non-profit organizations around the world use electronic donations to meet their fundraising goals.

As charitable givens increase, so does the need for other software solutions to help fill the gap. As a non-profit organization, you can collect donations in no time through your website using a donations plugin. 


With all the numerous software out there, how do I make a choice?

After researching some efficient tools, here is one that will give you the bet bang!

An online donation management software called Donorbox.

After reviewing Donorbox, there is no denying how effective this can elevate your fundraising efforts. Online fundraising tools make it easier for donors to give easily and frequently while keeping their information secured. This helps non-profit organizations to collect donations from around the world, build donor databases, increase cause awareness, and spend less efforts in how funds are collected!


Why Donorbox

Donobox is simply one of the most fastest to get up and running. It is a complete Wordpress Donation plugin App that can easily integrate into you website. In most cases, you can setup and start collecting your first donation in less than 10-15 minutes.

Today, there are 7,000 organizations in 25 countries that call Donobox home to their donations where they can setup features like; recurring donations that increase bottom line and continues revenue. To get started, seamlessly embed a custom form to your donor website or use a popup widget on your site.

After a thorough review of this great donor collection software, here are 8 features that pop!


1. It can be Completely Free!

There are no setup cost with Donorbox. If you get less than $1k in donations per month, you will pay ZERO transaction fees. If you reach $1k in a month, Donorbox charges a small platform fee of 0.89% for the month's donations. Other donation platforms charge 2-5% or more and a membership fee. With lesser cost, this makes it ideal for nonprofit Startups looking to cut costs with donation collection.


2. Limitless Donation Payment Options

Donorbox not only accepts donations in multiple currencies (USD, EUR, CAD, GBP, AUD, plus more) but also has other payment gateways for smartphones like; ApplePay and Google Pay. This enables simplicity in making donations fast and securely. Research shows donors are turned off by payment-related issues. In today’s day and age, you want to offer as many payment options as possible to your donors, so you don't miss any opportunities due to donation payment options.


3. Recurring Donations

Recurring giving programs provide a reliable source of income for nonprofits. Donorbox enables organizations to accept monthly recurring donations. Donorbox is optimized for recurring donations with its simple and effective checkout. Donorbox also offers the fundraising thermometer feature, which in combination with the recurring donations increases the number of donations.


4. Simple Web Integration

Donorbox comes with plugins for Wordpress, Wix, Weebly, and Squarespace. On the Donorbox Nonprofit blog, you can find comprehensive guides for these and other platforms. This means you get a no-hassle experience when integrating Donorbox with your already existing website using very little coding. You can also customize Donorbox forms to fit your sites, with the color scheme, design style, branding, and logo makes to make your website feel more cohesive and trustworthy.


5. Secure Donation Gateway

When choosing a donation software, security is evidently an important feature you must have. Donorbox is secured by SSL/TLS. Credit card information is encrypted, tokenized, and safely stored with the Stripe payment processor. Donorbox also does not store any card or bank data as all information goes through Stripe gateway.


6. Simple and Short Donation Forms

Donorbox featuresa straightforward online fundraising form. Simple, minimalist, and visually appealing donation forms tend to increase your donation page conversion rates (the percentage of people who visit the donation page and complete the donation process). This is because donors can focus on the process of giving itself, instead of getting distracted.


7. Company Matching Search Option

Double the Donation company matching integration enables donors to search for their employer’s gift matching policies during the checkout. Not only does Donorbox enable donors to search through matching policies during the checkout, but also on your own website with a company matching embed code.


8. Donor Management Portal

Donorbox enables your on-profit organization to have a comprehensive overview of donor profiles with a summary of the donor contributions and amount donated by each person, and a list of all of their donations. You can also track anyone's total yearly contributions, which can come in handy for tax reporting purposes.


Donorbox also offers a number of other features:

- Donorbox support customer support team is always prompt to respond and provide helpful answers to your questions and queries;

- It integrates with Salesforce Nonprofit Success Pack for easy transaction tracking.

- Donation tracking code & PDF invoices available online anytime.

- You can accept donations on your Facebook Page instantly.

- PDF receipts, filtering recurring donations, and converting different currencies available.

- Optimized for desktop, mobile phones, and tablets.

- Popup donation form available.

- Donors have full control over their monthly recurring donations.

- You can export your donor data as csv and auto-export your donor data to MailChimp and Salesforce NPSP.


Visit their website to learn more.



Nonprofit professionals, are visionaries, idealist, and problem solvers. The challenge is almost always to come up with sufficient funds to safeguard the nonprofit’s financial health while working towards a progressive and stable future. Although online fundraising has almost become a norm in the world of fundraising, the pace of technological development leaves many non-profits unequipped to face the challenges of digital fundraising.

Platforms like Donorbox offering features such as ApplePay and Google Pay, enabling the embedded donor gateway to any company matching search, and launching the fundraising gauge, allows nonprofits to simplify their digital fundraising and get the most out of it - while reducing overhead cost .