How To Get Placements On Music Blogs

If you are looking to become a music blogger, then you will need to take a specific path. Remaining focused and calm, you should use some of our tried and tested methods to make your way to the top. See the following 5 tips below:

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1. Polish Up Your Knowledge and Seek Experience

Having undying love for music does not imply that you are now ready to start blogging about it. To begin, you will need to build a strong knowledge foundation.

How conversant are you will all aspects of music blogging? Are you currently following some of the popular music blogs to have an idea of what's in the music world and what works successfully?

Besides, you could use some actual experience in the music industry. It would be a good idea to undertake some internship, whether with a record label or radio station. Seek to acquire more knowledge about the working of the music industry and utilize the knowledge to bring in a healthy perspective on the world of music blogging.

And if you don't already, you should consider learning to play an instrument. Learning how to read music as well as gaining experience on your learning path is crucial if you want to understand how music is born and produced.

You can easily connect with readers on a different level once you have had an experience of what they are always going through.


2. Identify Your Niche

A music blog will never be successful without a specific niche. Identifying a niche implies that you will need to target a particular area of the industry and make it the primary focus of most of your blogs if not all.

From record labels, guitarists, screamo, singers to any other aspect you fancy, there is a lot to blog about in the music industry. Blogs that provide generalized information about music rarely get high results in readership and searches.

Austin Ray, who is an internet marketing expert and blogger says that you will need to have a niche or angle if you intend to start a music blog. He goes ahead to insist on looking for something outsider or weird, one that you are conversant with and which you can portray a lot of knowledge.

Whether it is Mormon Polk, Norwegian black metal or South Dakota garage rock, you will need to represent authority in a specific subject. If you will be writing about the same rock bands that everyone else is writing, there is no point really. If you want the blogs without the effort then a music blog submission service could be the perfect solution. It can get you the placements without a lot of the outreach work.


3. Target a Specific Audience

Just as launching your blog without a specific niche would be a ticking time bomb, writing without identifying your target audience is also a risk. Every music blogger, irrespective of their topic must target specific people while blogging.

You will build blog traffic based on ad engagement, social followers, and reader engagement, and without a specific audience in mind, hitting your mark will be difficult. To identify a target audience, you will need to study the followers of other blogs which do what you intend to do.

Go through their comments sections and social media pages to have an idea of their personalities and demographics. Once you have a target audience, you will be in a position to come up with topics and posts which will match their specific needs.


4. Add Some Personality

A huge aspect of targeting a particular audience is portraying your personality in the prose. This could set you and your blog apart from thousands of other blogs within your niche.

And if you get it right, you will always inspire and engage your readers provided it becomes consistent in your reads. Regarding the addition of personality to your music blog, Akshay Hallur from Go Blogging Tips mentions that a conversational approach will not be sufficient.

Since most music bloggers have adopted the conversational style of music blogging, you will need to stand out. Add some personal flavor to your music blog content. This could be in the form of updates, experiences, and personal stories. Every time you are talking about a topic in your blog post, you will need to think whether there are any experiences or stories about the specific issue.

This is a thought process which should provide you with ideas on how to integrate your perspective in each blog post.


5. Have a Compelling Blog Design

All niches require a well-designed blog, including music. A majority of music lovers are known to fall for artwork so be sure to avoid having an ugly site because it could tarnish your image before their eyes.

While it is easy for you to install a blogging template, the chances are that it will be non-descriptive, reasonably plain or cheap and flashy. What's even worse is that there are probably hundreds of bloggers using a similar template on their site.

That is the risk when you go for a free template with few customization features. While this will rarely happen for an excellent free model with extensive customization, you will probably have to pay to get a compelling site that achieves what you want.

Such themes can be bought for not more than $100, but you will get value for your money when you post quality content as well as create a compelling layout to attract readers.