How To Earn Editorial Links And Rank Higher On Search Engines

Guest blogging has become quite popular and for a good reason. If you are looking for a foolproof way to improve your reputation and build your SEO as well providing quality content for good backlinks, guest blogging is your answer.

Here, you can request a website for a backlink to your site in exchange for good content on their site. A lot of small online businesses have adopted this trend to achieve numerous and high quality backlinks. 


Besides guest posting, there are other ways to earn backlinks, especially for small businesses. There are editorial links, which are earned naturally without actually making a request. Often, editorial links come from the most authoritative sites on the internet. They might be hard to get but they are very beneficial when received. 


Useful Tips For Earning Editorial Links

Keep in mind that editorial links don’t appear in the author bio box but rather is used within the content. Google and other search engines often appreciate editorial links because they are harder to earn and are more valuable according to Some of the best ways to earn to editorial links include the following.


1. Involve The PR Department 

Your PR department has the mandate of communicating with editors of renowned publications to make sure your company gains enough visibility in the print or online media. Your PR experts might not request backlinks but you should inquire what content is actually newsworthy and how you can get a link on one of the renowned websites. If your PR department has an existing relationship with the editors, it’s easy enough to ask directly. 


2. Get Leads From Your Competition 

It’s actually a similar process to looking for places to publish your guest posts. You can check where your competitors are doing their guests posts and try doing the same. For editorial links, you can take advantage of Google Webmaster Tools or Bing to identify areas where your competitors are getting links. Next, you can visit the same site and become active by submitting a few guest posts to reach the editor. 


3. Try Referencing Another Company

You can mention another company in any of your articles, giving them an advertorial link but you need to make sure they are aware of it. You can mention them in all the shares on social media and ask the company to share the article too in their own circles, which they will be happy to do since you’ve mentioned them first. Once you’re on their radar, they will be happy to read your stuff and will also provide editorial links for your benefit.


4. Conduct Interviews And Allow Interviews For Your Company 

You can gain a lot of editorial links if you allow your company to be interviewed. Note that, interviews are the most shared links and content on the internet. You can also interview other people to bring new visitors to your blog and get your content shared on your visitors’ blogs. Certainly, every blog will want to highlight an interview conducted about one of their people. 


5. Get Acquainted With Your Curators

Content curation refers to the process of a site putting together the best content published on their site for a month or week, about a specific topic. If one of your articles becomes a curated post, it is an automatic editorial links. You should get acquainted with the curators and send the best posts that you think should be highlighted to remain on their radar.

Once you learn more about editorial links and get more revenue from it, you will become a natural at it. Make sure that your editorial links are helpful and relevant to your visitors. You shouldn’t wait and expect your PR department to request a link when it’s irrelevant. All the editorial links in your content should only benefit your readers.

In conclusion, you need to be sharp when it comes to gaining editorial links. Remain on your competitors’ toes and have a good relationship with various curators to get ahead. Don’t forget to conduct frequent interviews or allow yourself to be interviewed because this content will be published frequently compared to the rest. Editorial links will certainly put your website on the map but you need to know how to do them right.