4 Powerful Public Speaking Tips For Marketers And Entrepreneurs

Entrepreneur or small business owners, need to get out more and engage with their target audience and potential customers, especially if you’re just starting out in your industry. Why? With all the content postings and online activities, your message might get lost in the air to your competitors and sometimes you even lose to websites that have no value at all.

However, there is a marketing strategy other than pure digital marketing that has been ignored or at best used by experts in particular industries to build trust. Entrepreneurs should consider public speaking as a way to make a significant impact while growing their persona. I know it can be an awkward situation to present or deliberate to people you probably don’t know, but think about it - if you truly want to understand what people think about your business or knowledge, you have to put it out there!

Creating public speaking events, will only help your brand and customer base grow!

Think about the possibilities this can bring, so I put together 4 tips that can help your relax your thoughts and start engaging with your potential customers face-to-face.

1. Public Speaking Positions You As An Expert In Your Field.

Think about it for a second, presenting a topic you have knowledge and high skills experience shows authority on the subject.

Don’t be intimidated by speakers who charge high fees for speaking engagements. You are uniquely you and can develop your very own authority and demand reasonable fees for your time and knowledge. Forget about Credentials and degrees, you can develop knowledge and share with an audience that connects with your approach. Being an expert is simple if you got it!

  1. Dedicating your life to build a business that solves problems impacting the real world.

  2. Learning and constantly growing your knowledge and improving your skills set.

  3. Taking care of your customers and future customers.

Yes, it’s that simple!

When reaching out to your audience during a presentation, talk about starting and growing your business, how you’ve solved problems and intend to tackle them in the future, and the results your clients/customers have gained from using your brand. - Divine Tumenta

This well establish experience and knowledge, while indicating how you can solve problems with confidence for your future clients.

2. Know Your Business and Industry

It’s best to know who you’ll be speaking to and the location. Will this be at a corporate office, party, conference or a meeting room? Know how to present in a way that connects with the demographic in the room. Can you answer questions and explain in such a way that it can be digest? Once you’ve figured this out, everything else will fall in place.

Tell stories about your startup journey, the challenges you’ve faced along the way and how you overcame them. - Divine Tumenta

3. Public speaking Can Introduce Your Business To A New Audience

Online is still the fastest way to grow an unknown brand today, but think about the potential of reaching your audience directly with no ads, just human interaction?

Targeting your audience with ad campaigns is no doubt good and effective in elevating your business. Also communicating with your audience directly and getting direct feedback instantly through public speaking is also effective, even on a small scale.

In Running a successful business, every potential client is value and every client is a contributor to your growth and visibility. So don’t forget to introduce your business every chance you get in the right environment. - Divine Tumenta

4. Stay Away From Memorizing

If you truly understand and can implement your knowledge to solve specific problems using your skills, then memorizing your speaking engagements will be faulting. Your brain might fall corporate laxed memory, making you to start your presentation all over again and losing focus with your audience. This can be a catastrophic impression of your personality and reputation. Rather than memorize your work, be the expert you are and do your research, organize your presentation, use kickers to stimulate your audience attention and present like a boss.

Memorizing anything without pure knowledge of how to implement it can be dangerous to your business or audience, so make sure everything you present - complements your knowledge of that topic.

Public speaking can be very effective in connecting with your audience. With that said, we can help train and educate your digital marketing team on various modern and advanced marketing strategies and techniques to build a stronger online presence using content that engages your audience effectively. If you’d like to set a time a day to meet with your team.

*Please contact Backlinkfy.com and setup a meeting. Public Speaking and Training in Digital marketing is Available in the Southern California Area ONLY.