Email Marketing Strategy: What Can You Do Today to Get Better Results

When you want to increase the effectiveness of your email marketing strategy, you have to bring it up to the new year. You can’t use 2018 strategies in 2019 and expect to get the best ROI available to your business.

If you aren’t putting the right content in front of your potential clients, your email marketing strategies are falling short. Continue reading this article to learn what strategies you need to implement to see the best results.

Personalization Goes to the Next Level

While blanket strategy can still work, they won’t be as profitable as personalized email campaigns. Every industry is seeing the importance of getting very granular about who their target audience is. Generalization and even guesses may have been enough to hit the market in the past, but that isn’t the case anymore.


One of the important pieces to your company’s personalization is segmentation. The more segmented your audiences are within your list, the easier it will be to speak directly to the heart of the matter they are dealing with.

You may choose to segment your list between genders, age groups, people that click a certain link, people that have shown interest in one product or another. Whatever it is that you use to segment your list, you want to ensure all of these people will benefit from the same message. If you don’t have enough data about your subscribers to start with, consider using an email checker. Not only will it clean your list, but also add missing information about the people who joined it. The best email validation tools offer such a service.

You may find that once you segment your list one time, that you want to segment it even further. The more specific you can get with your audience segmentation, the higher your conversion rates will be if you’ve done your research properly and have put together a great offer.


Segmentation will allow your automation to be more effective with your email marketing. We all know that big brands aren’t s throughout the day. How do they know when to send their emails to get the best response?

There are many ways to determine when to send your emails, but when you set up automation that will trigger an action when someone takes another action, you’re really tapping into the power.

Ability to Interact

Interactive content will come on the scene more and more throughout 2019 and beyond. Whether you interact with brands through games, quizzes, poles or other activities, you will notice this ability everywhere.

Humanization of Brands

Brands have been painted as the big bad wolf, but in 2019, humanization will allow people to see brands are more human. Talking about the values and personality of the brand is going to be a big part of many campaigns. People like to do business with people that they like, know and trust. Since brands are becoming more human and have faces and personalities now, people are developing more trust and likability.

Data Privacy

With all of the recent issues with privacy, consumers are taking control of their privacy. Laws like GPDR are getting companies under control and keeping them from collecting data without people knowing.

Content Is King

As it has always been, content is king. With more people learning email marketing and implementing it, you have to make sure your content is at its best. If your content isn’t great, people won’t open your emails. One of the places you need to ensure has the best content is the subject line. The subject line has to be catchy and make people want to click. It doesn’t matter how good content inside the email is if people never get to see it. Your subject line should clearly describe the content inside your email, but it should also leave curiosity, so they want to click to see what’s inside.

Once you make sure, you have a good subject line, and you know people will click through, its time to look at the inside of the email. Look to make sure the outline is easy to go through, and your content is put together in an easy to read format.

Getting Your Emails Delivered

Email marketers are getting wiser as time goes on. Cleaning lists is a normal occurrence. If people haven’t clicked on a link for a while, they get the boot off the email list.

How do you make sure you aren’t sending emails to zombie accounts or people that aren’t inactive? Use a bulk email validation platform to see how your email hygiene looks like. Making sure you aren’t sending emails to people that either aren’t active or gave an incorrect address will give you a true reading of your deliverability rate.

When you have a low deliverability rate, that isn’t a good sign. You can even get blacklisted from email service providers when they determine your content isn’t high-quality and possibly even spammy. An email verification tool can turn things around by restoring your sender reputation and helping you get your emails in people’s inboxes.

Does Email Marketing Work in 2019?

If you’re wondering if email marketing still works today, the short answer is yes. Email marketing remains an effective way to get your message directly in front of customers. Taking advantage of the high ROI of email marketing will allow you to have more money to reinvest and grow your business. There is no other marketing strategy that provides the results that email marketing provides. Measure your analytics and see which campaigns are performing the best and keep doing what is working for your company.


As you look at the landscape of digital marketing, it is obvious that email marketing continues to play a major part in marketing and sales for businesses. Email marketing is not only used for sending promotions, but it is also used for nurturing relationships and providing valuable content.

Continue to work on your email marketing strategy so you can continue to increase your ROI in email marketing. As the years change, there will be more technological developments, but the principles of email marketing will remain the same.

Make sure you’re sending emails to active subscribers. Don’t pay money to your auto-responder to send emails to people that aren’t active subscribers anymore.