Top Tips for Acquiring Instagram Followers

Getting notice on Instagram takes time and creativity in order to gain some following. After all, without any followers - who are you posting for?

To get started on this journey, here are some tips and how to acquire real followers on Instagram and build your network connections over time.

instagram tips

Come Up with A Theme for All of Your Photos

If you follow the first one, then people start naturally noticing your username and can check your account out. So, give them something that they can fall in love with. I have found it does really help with creating a theme for your Instagram account. Write a few words down that people can associate with your personal account. For my account, I am hoping people will pick up on the fact that it is full of love, artistic, and bright.

Which words do you want to use on your account? After settling on a theme, then try to stick with it. Follow these tips for Instagram followers and you will soon have hundreds!


There is a reason why it is called social media. Leave comments on others' work and respond to the comments you receive. Instead of leaving stale comments such as 'cute dress,' try leaving real questions and comments that encourage to post additional photos.

Come Up with A Hashtag and Then Encourage Other People to Also Use It

It is an excellent way to get new content and build a community for your account. The first thing is to come up with a unique hashtag (be sure it isn't being used already_ and ask other people to use it. That works best when your hashtag has a very specific purpose. For instance, A Beautiful Mess urges followers to make use of their hashtag #ABMLifeIsColorful with their colorful and cheerful photos. After people start to use your hashtag (and also use it), your followers' images can be reposted (and give them the proper credit). This not only builds the community through demonstrating to your followers you appreciate their photos, and also gives your account more content.

Run A Contest

If there is something that you want to give away, you can run a contest. Do you need ideas? Ask users to repost a specific image and in the caption tag you. Ask the contestants to follow you. Or you can ask them to use your hashtag with their images. You could try doing a loop giveaway, to collaborate with other people on Instagram.

Use Instagram Stories

Instagram stories are growing in popularity quite rapidly, to more than 400 million users per day. It has even been reported by many users that they love to watch Stories even more than they do the endless scrolling on their feeds. When it comes to your Stories, get creative. Give your followers a behind-the-scenes tour and show them your day's most interesting moments. Ask questions. Use music, GIFs, polls. Play with Boomerangs and filters. It is an incredible way to get comfortable on video as well as connect with followers in a deeper way.

Encourage Your Followers to Take Action

It might sound simple, but people are a lot more likely to do what you want them to do if you ask them. Did you share a quote? Ask your followers to "like" our photo. Are you sharing something that is relatable or funny? Ask them to tag friends. Ask open-ended questions. Putting out ideas will encourage follows to act how you want them to.

Geotag Your Photos

Are you posting a photo of a city or restaurant that you visited recently? If so, then Geotag it! This way other individuals who use the same geotag that you do will end up seeing your photo and may follow you given that you have things in common. Geotagging means your photo is tagged with a specific location.