9 Myths about Augmented Reality, Busted

The world is changing so as we and the concept of Augmented Reality. Conceptualizing something in the real world which could be visual, auditory, haptic, somatosensory, and olfactory in augmented reality is what AR is.

What is Augmented Reality?

The technology of AR integrates digital information and physical environment and that too live. As the name suggests things are augmented in the real world and the best example of this is Pokemon Go. The very popular game was based on searching Pikachu in real environment. It gained a lot of popularity and so as AR

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History of AR

Going to the history of AR then it was invented way back in the early 90’s. In the year 1992 US in the Air Force’s Armstrong Laboratory it was developed. Adding computer vision and object recognition the information about the surrounding real world of the user becomes interactive and digitally manipulable. After that private organizations started using AR in entertainment and gaming business.

Future of AR

Future of AR is very bright. As per the statics of statisca.com the revenue of VR and AR is going to be 20.4 billion USD. The coming years are going to be the brightest for AR. HoloLens created by Microsoft in the year 2015 created the wave in the ocean of Augmented Reality which was created to bridge the gap between your PC and living area. Year 2016 emerged as the revolutionary year in AR when the world witnessed AR taking center stage in the form of Pokemom Go. Monitorless AR glasses by Samsung is going to connect to phone and PC via WIFI and would replace screens of those devices.

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Difference between Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality

A term which we can commonly hear with AR is Virtual Reality. There are people who consider both as the same thing, but there is a big difference between them. In a layman’s language it could be understood like this that Virtual Reality is scuba diving and Augmented Reality is like going to the aquarium. In virtual Reality things are hypothetical and are not connected with the real world. Through goggles or closed visors, VR puts our presence somewhere else. In order to understand it even more I am highlighting the main points below.

Involvement: The main point of difference between these two technologies is immersion. In VR a complete computer-generated world is there and everything the user sees is artificial recreation. The user hence loses contact with the real world and get totally immersed in the virtual reality. Augmented reality is different from VR. In this digital information is added to the real life environment hence a user could stay in contact with the real world.

Devices:  Both the technologies work on different devices. Goggles or closed visors are used in VR whereas AR is experienced in a broad way. Headsets, laptops, tablets, smartphones are the devices in which this technology can be experienced. As AR keeps the user in contact with the real world and this is the point of the biggest difference between the two.

Purpose: Both the technology served different purposes. VR creates totally imaginary world. For instance Alibaba one of the largest e-commerce platforms used VR and brought a revolution in online shopping. One could actually see himself in an attire without actually wearing it. VR is hence all about creating the things that are not surrounded by. On the other hand, AR creates something within the live environment. AR puts the person in the real world and deals with live environment.  


Common Myths about Augmented Reality

Let us start with few of the misconceptions that people have about Augmented Reality. Along with the myths I am also going to put the reality in front of you. Hope that works in making you understand Augmented Reality Even Better.

Myth1: People are not aware of AR much

Reality: A survey conducted by ISACA (www.isaca.org/About-ISACA/Press-room/News-Releases/2016/Pages/2016-IT-RRB-News-Release-US.aspx ) shows that 73% of Americans are aware of AR markets. By the year 2016 when the world witnessed Pokemon Go, AR become even more popular amongst the masses.

Myth2: Growth of AR market is uncertain

Reality: It is not true. According to the research analysis of Statisca.com the market of AR is really very bright and is expected to hit the revenue collection of 20.4 billion USD by the end of 2019.

Myth3: Big tech companies would dominate AR market

Reality: Not only the tech giants but many startups also have pipelined projects for AR. Pokemon Go is the best example of this.  Anyone can hire Augmented Reality Developer and can turn dreams into reality.

Myth4: Augmented reality is not much accessible

Reality: Realty to this is beyond the myth. Anyone who owns a game console with camera, computer with webcam, can very easily access AR.

Myth5: AR is not designed for professionals or work environment

Reality: People have this assumption that AR is limited to gaming and entertainment industry only. AR helps in reimagining the workplace that in turn solve many issues.

Myth6: AR is the revised version of VR

Reality: Well, this is a myth that many people still think is true. Both the technologies solve different purposes. AR works in real environment and VR creates total imaginary world.

Myth7: Augmented Reality is Brand New

Reality: The concept of AR that you rejoice today was imagined a way back in the year 1990. Tom Caudell was the person to coin the name. The technology was then used to guide workers on the factory floor. Source: http://www.augment.com/blog/infographic-lengthy-history-augmented-reality/

Myth8: Augmented reality is difficult to use

Reality: Augmented reality apps have witnessed a tremendous rise with proliferation of smartphones. With this, AR has become more accessible to the users.

Myth9: AR is a future app

Reality: Well, this is the future. Companies like Coca-Cola are already using the technology to see how product placements would look when finished.


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The Final Words

Augmented Reality is the talk of the town now. But as it is said that rumors spread faster than the reality and the same is with AR. It is necessary to know the facts and figures before analyzing anything. AR is the future of technology and definitely we have much more to see in it. If you are looking for Augmented Reality Developer then you can contact Credencys. We offer Augmented Reality Development Services in US.

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