10 Little Things To Achieve Huge Success of Your Next Email Marketing Campaign

Emai marketing is the fundamental communication tool for many small and medium-sized enterprises. If you do it right, it is 100% cost effective, measurable, personalized, targeted, and best for attracting and keeping customers. Of all marketing platforms, email is regarded as the second leading channel for excellent ROI or return on investment.

For an email campaign to become successful, it should be able to build trust-filled relationships, forging your expertise, and capable of boosting brand new and repeat sales. When you break down any successful email marketing campaign, you will discover two important things. Targeting audiences and personalizing emails – both played crucial roles. If you wish to launch your own campaign with high success rates, you will need to take note of the following:

1. Target The Right Recipients

A lot of email marketing campaigns failed because the sender treated each and every single recipient as exactly the same. For instance, the customer who loved healthy foods, got a generic email about fatty ‘junk’ foods, although those who loved fatty foods are happy about the offer, it left the rest of the recipients feeling missed out and alienated. Refrain from making this mistake. Collect as much data as you can from demographics and analytics showing customer’s buying habits. Carefully study that data and start dividing the list accordingly. Whenever you have a set of recipients who love a specific product or service you offer, for sure the other recipients couldn’t care less, so make sure you strategize and plan accordingly.

2. Get and Attract More Email Subscribers

What ultimately guarantees the success of an email marketing program is nonetheless the size and composition of the email subscribers in the particular list. It is your task to ensure you get and attract more email subscribers for the success of your email marketing campaign, or all of your efforts will just go down the drain. Research your Buyer Persona, identify their interests and values. Try to offer matching content by subscriptions, sign ups, pop ups and contact forms.

3. Maintain your perfect Sender Reputation

Gather and manage a significant list of subscribers is probably the most challenging part of email marketing process while having brilliant Sender Reputation is the key to successful email marketing campaign. Sender Reputation is composed of domain and IP address(sender)  reputation. It is being determined by mailbox providers based on a variety of metrics such as: complaint rate, unknown user rate, volume, spam trap hits, engagement, and black-listings. Having reliable email validation service provider can solve some of these issues.

4. Personalize Emails

Make sure you call your customers by their names in your email. The more personal your email, the easier it is to build trust. You also have a better chance of getting your emails read and opened this way.

5. Compelling Subject Lines

The subject line of your email campaign will make or break the entire campaign. Do your part and create a very compelling subject line to catch the interest and attention of your customers. Keep away from ultra ‘salesy’ subject lines though; this is a great recipe for disaster.

6. Testing Emails

Many email marketers fail to do testing. Before you blast out those emails, make sure you test your email marketing campaign. Calculate your score and come up with techniques to ensure your subscribers are happy and successful all the time.

7. Properly Set Up and Use Analytics

Analytics are very useful in assessing buyers and it helps in identifying them in terms of their status and segmentation to name a few. The purpose is to be well-informed about your subscribers’ behavior and to assess whether or not they will buy your products or services. Most Email Service Providers Provide tracking and analytics information as well. Researching this data can be very useful in terms of user behavior identification and further campaign planning.

8. Bring Down The Unsubscribers Rate

Email marketers must at all times keep close attention towards reducing unsubscribe rates. Do not bombard your customers with a deluge of emails in a week, schedule your emails accordingly. Oftentimes, too many emails can lead customers to unsubscribe and you lost a potential customer right there and then. Analyse your “unsubscribe”s in order to uncover any common thing ( time of the day, subject of email, user interests, subscription source and so on).

9. Send Some Triggered Emails

Triggered emails have a high level of success and open rates. This is an email sent to a subscriber targeting their specific interest such as their birthday, anniversary, purchasing level unlocked, and more.

10. Loyalty Program

A loyalty program promotes more sales and open rates. It offers your subscriber benefits that are cost efficient and encourage them to click more and buy more. The right email marketing loyalty program boosts customer retention and improves sales figures. Customers love the idea of being remembered and well taken of by merchants and brands that they truly look up to. Make sure you don’t break that expectation.

By keeping these things in mind as you create and send your email campaigns, you can rest assured that your recipients are sure to read and open them. The success of your email marketing campaign depends upon you. If you follow closely these tips, you are sure to reach your targets. Although they may not be able to guarantee you a 100% splendid success, they will, for sure, boost your ROI and open rates.

Author Bio

Nelly M. is a Communication Manager of EmailOversight.

As a writer for EmailOversight, she has contributed so much to the company’s success. Nelly is dedicated to be a professional digital content creator  and handler.Being a graduate of Master of the Arts for Applied Linguistics, she surely has a knack in writing interesting and accurate descriptions. She believes that clever storytelling and targeted messaging are the fundamental parts of business-changing content.