Struggling with SEO? These 5 Tips May Help

Are you struggling with SEO? Have you been working for months adding better keywords to your website, but you haven’t produced the increased web traffic or higher rankings that you’ve been yearning for? Don’t stress!

First, it can take months after SEO implantation to see any results. Second, you might only need to make a couple tweaks to your SEO strategy to find the SEO success you’ve been working toward. Here are 5 helpful SEO tips that’ll help you get out of your keyword-induced rut.

Produce More Content

If you’re not getting the numbers that you want, it might not be that you’re not using the right keywords. You might only need to produce a higher volume of content.

Throughout most of the year, most of your new website content will be blogs. Most companies don’t maintain blogs because they’re in a blogging mood—they do it for SEO purposes. Blogs give you additional website real estate to add keywords and links, and your website gets an SEO boost for regularly adding new content.

Many small businesses can’t afford an in-house copywriter, and so they have difficulty producing regular content for the site. If that describes your situation, then you should consider hiring freelance writers to produce content for you. It’s significantly less expensive than hiring a full-time copywriter.

Run an SEO Audit

When you’ve been deeply invested in your SEO strategy for months at a time, it might be difficult for you to detach yourself from your work and look at it with fresh eyes. Consider hiring an SEO audit service to run an analysis of your website’s SEO.

SEO audits are helpful because they’ll give you a fresh perspective on your company’s SEO. The company can perform a detailed analysis of your SEO and determine where it’s ineffective, and they’ll make recommendations on how to improve it. Larger SEO companies might even have access to special SEO tools that you don’t have.

Don’t Go for Broad Keywords

One of the reasons you might not be ranking for keywords is that you’re targeting keywords that are much too broad for your business. Let’s say, for instance, that you run a flower shop. There’s a pretty strong chance that you won’t rank for the keywords “flower shop,” “flower delivery,” or “online flower delivery” because there are so many other flower shops out there that have the potential to rank for those keywords. Furthermore, there are a handful of national flower delivery companies that have a huge amount of web traffic and income, so their domain authority is difficult to encroach upon.

However, you might rank better if you utilized local SEO. You could try and incorporate keywords that also state the location where you operate. So if you run a flower shop in Florida, you might try keywords like “flower delivery in Florida” or “flower delivery in Jacksonville.” Local SEO can help you become more visible online to a large portion of people searching for businesses in their area.

Build More Links

Keywords aren’t the only important facet of SEO. Links are just important. You want to get other websites to add links to your websites, and it doesn’t hurt if a few of those websites that link to you have high domain authority.

The best way to do this is to work with your company’s strategic partners. If you manufacture your own brand of soap, for example, and you sell your soap to a few different hotels in your city, you could ask those hotels to post links to your website on their websites. In return, you’d post links to their websites so they can benefit from the link building, too.

Google, in particular, likes links because links connect users with more information. Try and build more links to your website if you’ve exhausted the keyword approach.

Improve your Website

A faulty website could hurt your SEO. One of the biggest things that turns users away from a website is if the website is slow. Major search engines actually track the amount of time that users are on your site, so if users are only there for a few moments before exiting, your rankings may be negatively affected. Build and host your website on a professional website builder that has fast and secure servers. A well-designed website also offers other great benefits for your business, outside of SEO.

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Try adjusting your SEO strategy in any or all of these 5 ways to see better results in rankings and web traffic.