6 Simple Steps To Optimizing Your Conversion Rate

For nearly all businesses, big or small, increasing conversion rates is a primary focus. All of the time, money and effort spent on digital marketing campaigns is futile if the numbers don’t add up at the end, and in this case, the numbers don’t lie. So, how do you set about increasing conversions through all of your sales funnels?


Here are 6 simple ways:

Get rid of lengthy text

You may have noticed, but our attention span is getting shorter. Of course, the reason for this is clear: we get everything we want instantly, at least in a digital context. With that in mind, lengthy text is counter-productive. Just the sight of a lengthy paragraph will put people off.

So what is the solution? Visuals. Infographics are a great innovation, and explainer videos are in vogue too. In fact, did you know YouTube, which is in essence a video-sharing platform, is actually the second most-used search engine behind Google? So what are you waiting for, get cracking with those videos to grab the attention of those potential customers: it’s what they are looking for.

“It used to be that if you didn’t know something, you would be told to ‘Google it!’ Now you are just as likely to be told ‘YouTube it!’ If your video is not there, you are missing a major trick,” warms Teresa Holebas, a CRO expert at State of writing and Academized

 Make your site mobile friendly

Once again the numbers tell the story. More than 50% of users are now converted through mobile devices, so if your site is not optimized for this medium, that is a massive target audience that you are neglecting. Ensure your mobile site is user-friendly and utilizes a clear conversion path. Collect all necessary data too so as to understand the mobile/desk top habits of your users to maximise potential here.

Maximise your email marketing campaigns

Many people consider emails to be old-fashioned and antiquated means of converting, but even if this is true to the extent that email is one of the oldest tricks in the book, it is still one of the most effective. 

The great benefit of email marketing is that is can be individually tailored by most conceivable strands, be that demographic, how the user has interacted previously, and so on. Utilize your email lists by automating them, and then share content and present special offers to increase engagement and, ultimately, conversion rates.

“Most of your email users will already be familiar with your brand, so you are going in with an advantage. Neglecting your email lists is a mistake no company can afford to make,” points out Teri Smith, a tech writer at Australian Help and Paper Fellows

Develop your social media persona

Yes, your company can have a persona! And social media is the channel to exploit if you want to engage and interact with potential users, so developing an effective presence on the most relevant formats is vital to any business. Don’t just launch into Facebook, Twitter et al with an unguided approach either. Formulate the plan first, and execute it accordingly to maximise interest and ultimately, conversions.

Maximise your landing page

Once users get onto your landing page, are you giving them clear calls to action? Are you making it easy to converse with you through that landing page? Do you actually give them the information they want? And remember, they don’t stick around for long. In short, is your landing page working for you conversion rate, or against it?

Test and analyse

Data is king. You must consistently test all of your activities and analyse as much as software allows. This will include everything from your click-throughs to the ways that users engage with your website. Analytics is really one of the major ways in which business has advanced in recent years because it gives us a much better understanding of the dynamics surrounding all business practices. Use the data available to optimize efforts because, at the end of the day, no two business are the same. Find out what works for your business through vigorous testing and analysis, and don’t stop: conversion rates depend on these systems.

Nora Mork is a marketing journalist at UK Writings and Essay Roo. She is often invited to speak at online marketing events and to write columns for Boom Essays service blog.