Top 5 Quick Landing Page Tactics To Improve Conversion Rate

There is only a small difference between reaching your annual target and missing it by a small number. It is frustrating but inevitable if you are not too careful. It not only finishes your chances of getting a bonus but it also ruins your mood (for the next few weeks). After all, you did a lot of hard work.

But what can you do to get more orders for your store? Improve conversion rate. Here are some practical tips to increase the conversion rate of your store with just a few simple tweaks. 

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To Increase Conversion Rate or to Increase Traffic?

Before we get to the conversion rate tips, let’s shed some light on a debate between conversion rate optimization and traffic. There are two types of experts. One who say that increasing conversion rate is a good idea because it increases your sales and therefore your profits. Second type of experts say that you can increase the number of orders by increasing the amount of traffic you get. 

Both are right. However, if you as a store owner who wants success for the long-term, it is important that you focus on both strategies.

5 Simple Yet Proven Ways to Improve Conversion Rate 

Give All the Information the Buyer Need to Make Decision

Simple isn’t it? Just provide what the buyer is looking for. This can be any small information. I personally search for keywords. For instance, a couple of days ago to buy a small CCTV camera, I was searching for the term ‘CCTV recording.’ I searched three stores, but none of them had these words in their product descriptions. Some had these words but the products weren’t attractive. So, I bounced off them.

This same thing happens when visitors are on your website. They are looking for particular terms. If you offer them those, they are more likely to buy from you.

Key Takeaways:

  • Add product descriptions with various keywords  

  • Use smart search that auto completes user query

  • Add live chat options to help answer visitor queries on the spot

Change Emotive Commitment (Change Button Name)

This one is in the grey area but it works. Our brains are wired in such a way that they get attracted to products but they get a red flag whenever they see the BUY button. So, what if you can just change that? Will that increase your sales? Many ecommerce stores have experiment with these and they had positive results.

Simply change from ‘Buy Now’ or ‘Buy’ to ‘Continue’ and see how that plays in your favor. 

Add Marketing Automation & Funnels

It is a fact that most people are only visiting your store just to get information. They have no interest in buying right at that moment. Collect their email addresses. This way you can later connect with them and offer them discounts on the products they were looking at on your website.

An even better idea. Implement marketing automation funnels. This will help them get through the sales funnel easily. 

Improve Forms

How many people are using the contact us form on your website to contact you? Maybe it isn’t working properly. If it isn’t then you are losing sales. Make sure that your forms are properly working and helping you get more leads.

Similarly, just have one or two input fields in the forms. If you add more fields, visitors won’t ask the information. They want swift actions and quick answers.

Use Chatbots & Live Chat Options

Live chat is the best way to get sales for your ecommerce store. But if for some reason you can’t maintain live chat all the time, then add chatbot to the website. They help visitors navigate through your website easily. Not only will this save visitors time but it will also allow you to get leads from them.

That’s it. There is no hard and fast rule to getting more sales on your ecommerce store. It is all about trial, error, and consistency. So, try these quick tactics to improve conversions of your store. And hopefully you will reach your next quarterly target easily.