5 Hot Technologies Affecting Marketing in 2019

Marketing technologies continuously evolve, so don’t get caught off guard. In addition to reducing your effectiveness, using obsolete tactics can damage your reputation as an innovative marketer. So, to keep up, make sure you embrace the following hot marketing trends.


Smart home devices and mobile devices have brought voice technology to the forefront of society. Businesses increasingly want to include voice in their marketing strategy. For this reason, you need to learn the nuances of this technology, including how to get your clients heard in voice-search results.

Already, Google has reduced the number of search results from which mobile users can choose. Voice searches further restrict the number of available search results. In other words, voice search trend is challenging your SEO capabilities. Start mastering voice search now, If you do, you won't fall behind in the future.

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Regardless of what you think about chatbots, they’re here to stay. These smart AI-powered bots will continue to grow in popularity among business owners and marketers because they increase customer engagement without increasing payroll expenses. As these products gain new capabilities, they’re becoming essential for every business.

Look for new ways to implement chatbots in your business. For example, you could use chatbots as part of your marketing strategy. Use them to present upselling and cross-selling opportunities to your online shoppers. Soon, your chatbots could handle most of your business’ customer service and tech support tasks.

Video Marketing

Internet users continue to prefer video to other types of content. As new high-speed mobile networks come online, expect this trend to accelerate. As you review your content strategy, brainstorm new ways to use video to promote your business. From video advertising to live streaming special events and sales, you have unlimited opportunities.

Always remember the dynamic nature of customer preferences. The traditional “how-to” videos that gain traction now may fizzle in the future. For this reason, you should always look for creative ways to use video in your marketing plan. Also, stay alert for new popular video channels and styles so you can engage them as soon as they emerge.

Virtual and Augmented Reality

Not long ago, the tech world was buzzing over VR and AR technology. Although some of that excitement has subsided, don’t think that VR has become irrelevant. It hasn’t. Developers have continually been developing exciting new applications. Also, new technologies such as 5G are setting the stage for a VR and AR explosion.

Some large companies have already rolled-out VR shopping apps that allow people to try products such as furniture as part of the customer experience. Although you might not have the budget for such a production right now, you can create AR displays in your store. Shoppers can enhance their experience simply by pointing their phone’s camera at a product.


New sensor technologies are giving marketers the ability to promote their products and brands. Consider geofencing, location beacons, and motion sensors that can send shoppers contextual messages such as special discounts, based on their physical activity. Also, don’t make the mistake of using these tactics only to supplement the in-store experience that your business provides.

You can use the physical behavior patterns of your customers to help personalize their online encounters with your brand. Generally, you should look for ways to expand the number and personalization of data points your business collects so you can use it to increase the precision with which you target your online and offline audiences.

By staying well informed and imaginative, you can use your leadership position to maintain a competitive and profitable posture despite changing technologies and customer expectations.