Top Ways To Use Pinterest To Promote Your Brand Extend Your Reach

In the competitive field of online marketing, anything can end up being the thing that gives you that edge you need to really get ahead of the competition.

Online marketers will be prepared to try all sorts of wacky and zany ideas to really excel in their field, to improve the reach and overall quality of their brand. One somewhat underexplored area that is ripe for use is the popular social media sharing service Pinterest. Pinterest has always hung back in terms of the limelight for social networks, with its usage being quite specific, tailored heavily towards certain demographics. With that changing though, as we will hopefully see, it has much to offer. Let’s take a look.

More Explicitly Business Oriented

Some social networks are comprised of people who have a real suspicion and cynical attitude toward companies, and rightly. There’s a lot of pretense involved with a company that chooses to advertise on Instagram or Facebook, a feeling that they are only on the site to dupe people into engaging with them on a corporate level. The nice thing about Pinterest is that there’s no reason at all to hide why you’re there. In fact you really ought to share and promote your products using Pinterest’s incredible ‘board’ system. It will work wonders for your company, and it can really build in some brand honesty lacking in other companies. 

Engage With Users

People in online marketing often talk about ‘the conversation’. What they are referring to are the things which are currently trending on the site that you find yourself on. With how much more optimized for self-promotion Pinterest is, it’s important you don’t forget that it is still social media. “Pinterest encourages the sharing of products in a way that can be so useful for brands and it shouldn’t be ignored. Engage with other uses to maximize the number of people encountering your brand and your products”, says Charles Carmichael, marketer at Revieweal and Best Writing Services. Be social, it is social media after all.

Pins And Re-Pins

The pinning system is quintessentially Pinterest and something which makes it so unique in the social media field. It’s also something that its fans are immensely proud of and use constantly, meaning you ought to engage with it to. This is also one of the easiest ways to boost your brand’s reputation within this social platform user base.

Much like the system over at reddit, you can’t simply Pin your own content and leave it at that. You have to engage with the content posted by others. “What this allows you to do is to create boards where you can combine some of the things that relate to your products, things that are already popular amongst Pinterest users, alongside your own products and prove to other users that you are invested in the site and that there is a real human being behind your company, not simply a collection of bots”, says Sarah Walker, social media manager at UKWritings and Boomessays. The pinning and re-pinning system really is your friend, so take advantage of this unique, Pinterest only system. 

The Answer Board Technique

The answer board technique is something which I’ve seen employed to great success by several different companies. If a brand is able to establish themselves successfully enough, they can position themselves as authorities on a certain field, meaning that people find themselves turning to the brand for advice, and excellent position for a company to be in. The way to do this on Pinterest is to create boards which directly answer the sorts of questions that people might have relating to the field you are in. Let’s say that you are in camera equipment. You might have a board with questions about focal length, one for questions about filmmaking etc. Then people are really motivated to visit your site.


Pinterest is one of the most rapidly growing social medias and it has an enormous amount to offer companies in terms of boosting their brand. It requires different handling from some of the other more mainstream platforms, but hopefully this article will give you a good start on how to make the idea a reality.

Aimee Laurence is a freelance writer at Australian assignments for sale and Assignment Help, and social media marketing keynote speaker. She aims to engage with her audience in a thoughtful way. Also, Aimee is a tech lead at OX Essays service.