Key Ranking Factors You Should Optimize To Dominate In 2019

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is paramount to your digital marketing strategy and it is proven to have a higher success rate than any other marketing strategy. The perfect SEO strategy will exponentially increase your online traffic and will bump you up on the ranks of search engines. 

Businesses are focusing more on organic rank as well as PPC for the sustainability that it offers to get more potential customers on their websites or online stores, which increases their sales. However, SEO standards continue to change and you need to be up to speed with what’s happening to fight for that number one spot. 

Here are some important points you should be carrying out in 2019:

Have a secure and accessible website

When developing or redeveloping your website, you need to factor in the safety and more especially the accessibility of your website. This process includes having the perfect type of URL address that is easily reachable and utilizable by Google bots. 

Another thing that should be done when doing this is making sure that your web page is easily readable and understandable. To do this, you need a high-quality website builder to create your website and a robots.txt file to act as a legend for Google. You should also have a sitemap that lists all the pages on your website.

To create the sitemap, you can use an online sitemap generator and for WordPress sites, you can get specific sitemap generators for WordPress sites. Afterward, you should enable SSL security for your website. By doing this, your site will become a more trusted site and get higher rankings.

Optimize your page speed

Your website speed can be a kill buzz for some people because if your website takes longer to load, they will most likely bounce your website. You shouldn’t consider the desktop version only but also mobile versions when optimizing your website’s speed. 

You should consider mobile versions because an increasing amount of people are starting to access the internet using mobile devices. So, if your potential business tries to access your site and it loads forever, they will also bounce even if they are using mobile devices. 

Since mid-2018, Google has been using a search engine algorithm that focuses on mobile page speed to monitor all websites.

If your website is slow on mobile devices, it could be penalized and get bumped down on rankings. Before releasing your website, use the Google Mobile Testing tool to test the speed of your site and improve it if it needs improving.

Make your website mobile-friendly

To get higher rankings, you also need to ensure that your site works effortlessly on mobile devices. Mobile compatibility is an important factor for SEO rankings because more mobile devices are used to access the internet when compared to desktops. 

Google uses a mobile-first index which focuses on promoting website developers and businesses to focus on having mobile-friendly websites. 

If your website was designed for desktops only or if it isn’t optimized for mobile use, your ranking will get dropped. Here are a few certain points that you should ensure are included in your checklist when developing or redeveloping your site:

  • Ensure that you have a responsive website that adjusts its size according to the device being used.

  • Use large enough fonts for content to be easily readable on cell phones with small screens.

  • Optimize for easier navigation and accessibility by making it easier to tap and scroll through your site.

  • Ensure that ads do not block your content.

About the last point, it is understandable to want to pocket some instant cash with your website, but having too many ads will kill your ranking.

Page attributes

If your site is more than three years old, its likelihood to achieve higher rankings will heighten. If you still haven’t received the results you want with SEO ranking, work on optimizing your website further. 

Another thing you can do about your website about your page attributes is choosing a URL that well resembles your website. Once your site is established, you can run it on a page authority rating website or software to get a rating on your website. 

Points that will be looked into are content and links, including social shares. What you can also do on your end is to name each website page accordingly with its respective name so it will be easily readable to Google’s bots.

Quality content    

Writing quality is content for your website is very important because it also counts for readability. The content you post should be free of any grammar mistakes or punctuation errors, so you shouldn’t miss any comma or full stop. 

You can use online grammar checkers to ensure that your content is of high quality and also avoid lengthy sentences. Apart from that, you should choose keywords that you will use in your website’s content carefully. 

You need to use keywords that you know people are using to search up things they need on the web. However, don’t use keywords that are the exact opposite of your company, website content and your purpose.

Also, avoid plagiarism at all costs! Rather, post fresh and original content regularly for your target audience. For these points, you can use a number of online tools and some are available for free, like keyword checker and plagiarism check software. For the best content services, you must try online writing experts. 

RushMyEssay, Edugeeksclub, Australianwritings and Assignmentgeek are writing services that can help you not only with web content but also white papers, eBooks, and much more. If you are a student entrepreneur, you can also order online college essays, thesis, dissertation, term papers and much more from these writing sites. 

You may need to pay a certain amount to use the services of the latter, but it is necessary if you want to rank higher. Depending on your business type, you can opt to use local SEO for your small business to get higher rankings.

Link building

To get higher rankings, you need to prove to Google that you play well with other websites with link building strategy. This includes linking high authority sites and for other sites to link you as well. Above that, you also need to internally link your website pages to prove that you have a strong website.

 In total, you have three types of linking methods, inbound links, outbound links, and internal links. Google uses inbound links, links from other sites to your website, as a metric to measure how relevant and how authoritative your content is. 

Linking to authoritative sites helps you gain more traffic because they will see that you use information from authoritative links.

Also, internal links will make visitors stay longer on your site because they will read many articles if they are linked appropriately. The time your visitors spends on your website will also increase your rankings because Google will interpret it as if you have relevant content.

Build a brand

Google is focusing on promoting brands, so your focus should also build a brand for yourself. As more as your brand grows, the more you will get searched and get clicked on. Because of this development, Google has made way for you to monitor the growth progress of your brand. 

You can track how far you have come since you started your brand and even compare yourself with your competitors. You can even use traditional methods to grow your brand, it doesn’t matter, but you need to get going with building your brand. You can also develop a personal or corporate brand to get higher rankings.

To get your brand up and going do something bold and use techniques such as brand storytelling to attract more followers for your brand. Also, don’t just be generic but rather have a niche you will penetrate.

Create video content

Online traffic due to videos amounts to almost 80% of the total online traffic. This is because a large amount of people prefers watching videos than reading text, so to present information, you can make short and concise videos. 

This also works for you to describe and explain your products; you can do it in the form of a casual commercial or a product overview with detailed descriptions. 

Add some videos on your website, especially on your home page as this will captivate online traffic that lands on your website. This will decrease your bouncing rate your video might get shares and linked to which will increase your SEO ranking.

You can even create video content with your smartphone if it has a camera good enough and then post-edit it yourself. You don’t have to go the expensive route and hire equipment or do a location shoot because even infographic videos can do the trick.


You need to increase your SEO ranking to get enough exposure to your potential clients. When you follow these tips, your rankings will increase and get more online traffic, which might turn to you having loyal clients. 

The trick to surviving in this industry, which is full of competition, you need to stay up to date with the latest information. Follow digital marketing news, especially those related to SEO and get to know the latest methods being used. Stay educated by using accurate and relevant information to yield the best results.

Author Bio:

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