5 Great Tips on Quality Link Building for SEO in 2019

Quality link building is one of the most important aspects of today’s search engine optimization. It is mandatory for websites that want improved traffic from search engines. In fact, online businesses cannot attract the target audience without using a proper link building strategy. Devising an effective plan requires many skills including, psychology, content creation, programming, sales, and marketing. You might have heard a lot about link building approaches on the internet.

According to a recent survey done by Moz, approximately 37% of businesses spend between $10K and $50K every month on their link building. You deserve to know the correct information if your business is also making that kind of investment. We are going to present some useful tips to help make this process productive.  

So, let’s dive in to check out the five most influential tips that can work wonders for your SEO in 2019.

1. Infographics


Infographics are considered to be one of the most sought-after link building techniques. They continue to become popular with each passing day. According to HubSpot, quality infographics are shared and liked on social media platforms three times more than any other content type. They have the potential to become viral within a few days after publishing on social media. It is a specific type of link building plan which is helpful in generating top quality links. Infographics produce a win-win situation for all link builders.

Many online businesses have seen sudden spikes in terms of backlinks after using this brand marketing tactic. They have observed considerable improvements when it comes to brand mentions and social shares.

It is immensely important to create infographics that have the potential to go viral. Remember, only good infographics possess the ability to generate tons of quality backlinks to improve your website’s overall SEO score. 

The following key elements make infographics worthwhile and successful:

  • Stunning Design: infographics with appealing and professional design can go viral. So make sure the graphics you create for backlinking purpose are visually-appealing and designed through professional hands.

  • Research-based Statistics: A good infographic always contains useful and interesting statistics to serve the purpose of a viewer. 

  • Outreach and Promotion: There is no use of creating an attractive and research-based infographic if you are unable to promote well. It is very important to promote your infographics through social media and email in order to get the most out of it.

2. Valuable Content Guides


Nothing can be parallel to valuable content. Yes, you heard it right. I said ‘Valuable’ not ‘Quality’. Probably you are wondering to know the difference, right? It is believed that the phrase ‘quality content’ is unclear and a bit hard to measure. For instance, a copywriter may consider a long copy with best use of grammar and sentence structure as quality content for their readers.

On the opposite side, useful content has a lot of valuable information for readers. It answers each and every question that readers may have in their minds. Such a useful content portrays step-by-step guide and strong action points to help readers achieve their purpose.

The content creation process can be revitalized if you slightly change the mindset while getting the content ready for your website. All you need to do is simply focus on making it useful for the audience. Valuable content guides have attracted a large number of visitors in the last few years. People love paying attention to content where they can find useful data and action points. As a result, publishers also earn top-notch editorial links from these types of appreciated content guides. So, this sort of content creation becomes the perfect investment for any business wanting to have high quality backlinks.

Sometimes guides can be somewhat difficult to produce because they require a lot of research work, however, the end result you produce after the creation of these guides is matchless. It is better to have a strategy ahead of creating content for visitors. The information you are going to provide should be detail-oriented with useful statistics and actionable data.

Knowing about reader’s requirements is a great way to start with your content creation process. Check out the interests of the target audience and stuff they are struggling to find on the internet. Sometimes, it can be hard to find writers who can generate useful content. Make sure the type of content guide you are going to create is not available elsewhere on the World Wide Web. Being unique will help you gain loads of traffic with fruitful results.

3. Quality Backlinks from Resource Pages


You can find resource pages on the internet for all types of industries. From finance to sports, you can easily find hundreds of pages that voluntarily link out to valuable websites. This is considered to be a very effective link building strategy. You are able to get links from a resource page that has been on the internet for ages. Majority of these pages have outstanding page authority, which eventually passes on to your website. The publishers or owners of these pages always keep looking for new resources. They want to maintain their pages with up-to-date information, which is useful for their readers. It means both, the curator and person looking for backlinks, get benefited from this particular backlink technique.

You might be looking to know about the best way to find these resource pages for your niche. We are going to mention a quick method to find resource pages belonging to your industry.

How to Check Resource Pages for Your Industry?

This technique includes Google Search Strings. For instance, you can use search strings like ‘inurl:resources’ or ‘inurl:links’ to find the required resource pages belonging to your industry.
You can easily find these pages by using a single keyword. Simply change the keyword once you reach the dead end, and keep building your prospecting list.

4. Creating Authority with Sponsorships 


Sponsorship is another wonderful way to obtain quality backlinks from high PA and DA websites. Whenever you sponsor any event or conference, the name of your website along with logo is hyperlinked on their dedicated sponsor’s page. This particular link building practice is an excellent way to get effective results in a short period.

There are several awesome benefits of sponsoring a famous event. You do not just get top quality backlinks from high domain and page authority site, but your business gets visible to more people around the world. 

The growing trend of business summits and conferences bring a lot of opportunities for people belonging to different sectors. We see events relating to technology, SEO, marketing, social media, and many other areas every year. This provides you with an outstanding opportunity to dedicate a marketing budget specifically for sponsoring these events. This will help you build top quality links and brand awareness. 

Special websites are built for various business conferences every year. You can keep a track of these in order to devise a better marketing plan. There are many sources on the internet from where you can get complete details of events going to take place at different locations.

For example, you can use search strings like inurl:/sponsors/Your Keyword to get the required results. Make sure to seek the permission for sponsoring a particular event well before the event starts. It will help you finalize things in a timely manner, and avoid haphazard situations. 

5. Roundup Posts from Experts


The expert roundup posts are getting massive attention from visitors and working as an awesome link building strategy. Such posts have the ability to create tons of useful backlinks, and social shares. In this link building strategy, you invite experts and allow them to contribute on a given topic. Their point of view can be shared as a post to get the maximum responsiveness from the target audience. You can create different expert roundup articles to rank for a specific keyword. The reason why these kinds of posts get a lot of respect is that people pay close attention to professional opinions. For instance, you can invite a few search engine optimization experts to talk about the latest SEO tips and gather helpful insights. Later on, you can use this useful information to create a BlogSpot and get huge traffic beyond expectations.


Effective link building works well to reach out to other websites and expand your circle of followers. Search engines have great respect for quality backlinks, and that is the reason why top businesses invest thousands of dollars in link building every month. No doubt, it has long-lasting impacts on your website’s overall SEO score. However, you should always opt for the true and tried ways through which other businesses have gained success. It is no secret that bad links from dubious websites can severely hurt your reputation. Therefore, you should never compromise on the quality of backlinks. Always prefer sites with high authority to reap the ultimate benefits of backlinking.

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