25 Ways To Improve Your Entrepreneur Skills Set Today

It's been 7 years since I created my first company. With that said, I will like to provide you 20 ways you can improve your entrepreneur skill set.


This action items can help you reach your inner potential as you take your journey of passion and growth!

1. Never feel stuck in a situation, in most cases you know the answers so control your thinking.

2. Stay creative at all cost and always find room for improvement, you can't know it all.

3. Do not spend time around negative people, they have no idea how much energy they consume from you. So stop accepting it. 

4. Always believe in yourself and luck will follow. No one ever build a house without tools.

5. Do not expect to be perfect at everything and also don't pin that on someone else.

6. Keep your energy up by eating right and drinking enough water. 

7. Start a exercise routine and keep it going!

8. What's failure? The real deal in failure is failing to take action to recover by finding solutions.

9. Your goals should be realistic and achievable but challenging to reach.

10. Keep your life private and provide vital information only when necessary.

11. Start "Giving" when you "Receive" help from others, this a a form of appreciation.  

12. Your success should be bigger that your purpose in life, if you have one. (All entrepreneurs should have a purpose on why they are doing what they do).

13. Use strong polite words to describe your excitement and resentment 

14. Be open to breaking obstacles because this will only make you stronger and better.

15. Watch these five amazing videos to motivate you through your day.

16. Improve on your strengths and weaknesses, we all have them.

17. Reward yourself sometimes for doing the work and reaching your goals on time.

18. Always try something different by testing your limits with new decision.

19. Know that you thoughts and actions can be controlled but you can't control anyone else.

20. Don't get caught in other people's life decisions, make yours and stick to it. It's your life!

21. Actions you take should improve your life not degrade it, including ideas.

22. Always give credit and accept credit for things done.

23. Be self reliant and forget about dependency.

24. Take responsibility and don't blame others for your actions.

25. Train you brain to be confident and creative at all times.