30 Business Improvement Tips To Consider For 30 Days

Don't beat yourself when you run out of ideas to market your business. We have all been there and sometimes it can be frustrating, but most of the time with good planning, all you will bare is success over time.

When you are ready to get your business on the roll, you should  - Apply these 30 business improvement tips in the next 30 days, be consistent through out these days for optimum results and most of all stay focus on the ball. 

This is to help you develop a better marketing strategy along the way. You live and you learn, why not use that to your advantage.


The Business Idea

business idea
  • Day 1: Creativity in everything you do. The first thing you can always improve on is how you increase your own creativity and your staff member’s creativity. Better creativity will help you in improving all other elements in this guide. 
  • Day 2: Improve how you implement your ideas. Some good ideas are not successful turned into businesses or projects due to one thing - implementation. With your company, make sure to implement your ideas to give it life. 
  • Day 3: Start implemented your ideas with different models to see what you can start tested in theory. 


The Business Plan

business plan
  • Day 4: Think about how to get your ideas made into a plan of small action goals.  Use your previous experience as a way to get started. 
  • Day 5: Improve your forecasting process. Quality forecasting is the basis for a good planning process. In this fifth day of your improvements efforts improve your whole forecasting process.
  • Day 6:  Goals. What do you want to achieve with your business plan? The goals are the basis of any planning process and always there will be something that can be improved.
  • Day 7:  Graphs. Business plan is a graphical presentation of your business figures for the future. With one view, you can see the necessary improvements. Improve the graphics, so you can use them to follow and measure all other improvements.
  • Day 8: Realism instead of large false optimism. Even optimism is good thing, the business planning process requires from you to be realistic. So be realistic and don’t foresee or set goals too much optimistic.
  • Day 9: Perspectives. Choose the right perspective through which you will be focus your view, improve it and just go ahead!
  • Day 10: Evidence. Make sure that all the numbers and facts are drawn from proven and consistent sources of information, rather than from assumptions.


Business Funds and Finances

business funds and finance
  • Day 11: Financial sources. Look for possible financial sources and improve them!
  • Day 12: Cash flow skills. Improve your cash flow skills through different knowledge sources on this issues.
  • Day 13: Improve your costs structure. Believe it or not the costs are something that always can be improved
  • Day 14: Break-even analysis.  Conduct a break-even analysis and see what, where and how to improve something.
  • Day 15: Profit/Loose Projections. Look at your profit/loose projections and consider how to improve profit or how to make current loose to become profit.
  • Day 16: Total Income/Expenses Rate. What is the ratio between total income and expenses and what you need to do to increase that relationship?
  • Day 17: Net Income/Total Investments Rate. What is the ratio between net income and total investments and what you can do to increase that amount?


Business Productivity Time

business productivity
  • Day 18: Organization. Effective organization is the basis for increased productivity. If you improve the way how you organize staff in and around your business, you will also improve the productivity.
  • Day 19: Personal Life. Improve your personal life and you can see the difference in business life.
  • Day 20: Constraints. There are always personal and business constraints. Find and eliminate them to increase personal and business productivity.
  • Day 21: Outsourcing. What type of tasks can be outsourced that will increase overall business productivity?
  • Day 22: Management Systems. Business productivity depends on the management systems that are used in your company.
  • Day 23: Learning System. Knowledge gained through a good learning system will increase your business productivity.


The Business Process

Business processs
  • Day 24: Technology. Use your technology at the optimal level.
  • Day 25: Input/Output. You can always improve the transformation of the input into the output of your business processes.


Marketing Your Business

small business marketing
  • Day 26: P. Product, promotion, place and price as elements of your marketing mix can always be subject for improvements.
  • Day 27: Blog Design. How you can improve your blog design?
  • Day 28:  Website Design. How you can improve your website design.
  • Day 29:  Marketing Campaigns. You can always make a better marketing campaign than the previous one.
  • Day 30: Online Strategy. Online strategy becomes one of the most important strategies for your company. Any improvements means the overall business improvements in the same time.