4 Common Misconceptions About Digital Marketing - A Beginners' Guide

Digital marketing revolves around creating awareness of a business brand’s product and service among the people. This type of marketing involves practices that help in attracting a huge number of visitors and converting them into potential customers. From a great content strategy to building appealing designs and responsive platforms, digital marketing consists of all. Most of the Dubai company formation groups have taken this twenty-first-century marketing practice quite seriously and this is what has produced productive results for the business brands.

digital marketing common misconceptions

While working, it is common to have misconceptions and doubts regarding certain practices. Our dear talented marketers have them too. But wouldn’t it be great if we highlight them before hand so that the newcomers and beginners could learn something good? This is why we have pointed out the four most common misconceptions that are thriving in the marketer’s society. They are as follows:


1It’s a very vast and an impossible domain to handle:

It’s a very vast and an impossible domain to handle

The digital transformation of marketing and advertisement took over a few years ago. Since then, the digital marketing trends have grown and made their mark on the marketing platforms. The most common misconception that took birth and flourished since then is the domain of digital marketing is so vast that one cannot devise a successful plan. Well, this is not at all true!

Though digital marketing has multiple branches like email marketing, social media marketing, influencer marketing and many others, it doesn’t mean that it is impossible. The real trick and creativity are in mixing only the most important elements one at a time and generating a cool strategy. For those who find it difficult, especially the beginners, should focus on social media marketing, adopt the A/B testing method to test the competency of the strategy and reach the targeted audience through written and visual content.


2. Digital marketing is expensive:

Digital marketing is expensive

It's unlike the traditional methods of marketing which required printing flexes, brochures, pamphlets and advertisement banners, the advanced digital marketing requires a functional internet connection, laptops, and a hard working team. The real expense lies in understanding the allocation of the money and in deciding which task is more important than the other.

Digital marketing, if done with full attention and great consideration, is not at all expensive. The budget reserved for this purpose must be adequately divided among different tasks and must be saved for some future emergency task as well. Going digital requires creative minds rather than huge reserves of money. Whether you are an individual or a small, medium or large size company looking out for traffic flow through the digital marketing practices, all you should do is follow the latest digital marketing trends and you’ll do well.


3. It wouldn’t help in beating the competitors:

Digital marketing is same for all. No matter whether you have a developed and well-established business firm or are just starting your own business line, the marketing trends if followed correctly can bring loads of changes. Many beginners fail to understand this fact. It might be the pressure of beginning the business or the fear of the competitors who have already established their business domains and are dominant in the marketing platforms that blind them. Well, it doesn’t matter. With a little extra effort, you can easily beat them or at least snatch away a fragment of their profit share. The trick lies in opting the right digital practices and continuing them consistently.

Moreover, using the predictive analysis feature and comparing the practices you do and those that your competitors carry out, you can easily thrive in the field. Also, make sure you stick to the SEO techniques and rules. SEO is the key to success for every beginner and settled business man. Search engine optimization is what rules the Google platform, increases the ranking of the website and attracts more and more traffic to the official website. The end result is as usual to increase the return on investment.


4. My marketing strategy failed – it’s over:

Digital marketing is an act of trial and error. It is not necessary that every trend suits your business firm best. It’s possible that the marketing strategy that you have devised is not good enough or just fails because it doesn’t fulfill the needs of your business. But what most of the marketers misconceive is that if one strategy fails, their career in digital marketing and the business firm is done! Of course, everyone worries about their career and becomes pessimistic if something goes wrong but that’s the fun part! In digital marketing, you get the chance to retry another strategy and see how it works. the marketers must take the failure of one marketing strategy as the motivation to bring something new.


These are the four basic misconceptions the marketers have regarding digital marketing. It is best if a beginner goes through them and also learns the few basic trends without which continuing digital marketing is just a waste of time. Once your misconceptions are removed, you can look forward to a happy marketing and business firm.