5 Great Self Improvement Practicing Tips for Life and Business Success

Everyone can learn business 101 in business school, but applying what you've learned can be another story altogether. To build a successful and strategic business for growth, you will need to develop skills that are not thought in school and surround yourself with like minded individuals who know what it takes to get started. 

When you own a small business or startup, you need to set yourself up mentally for success. 

Here are 5 great self improvement tips for success, as you build your small business or startup.

1. You need to help others to get help

helping others

In life we all want and love to take from others, how about giving!

When you give, you're sure to receive in other ways, it's just how life works.

For example;

How can you help your clients become more successful?

  • Give them a good referral that will make their day.

  • Spend time building a solid relationship with your time.

  • Give a free e-book to your clients, so they can remember you.

How can you improve another business to succeed?

  • Share resources with other businesses not in your industry.

  • Refer clients their way for free.

  • Start a business network event that brings entrepreneurs together.

How can you genuinely help others around the world?

  • Offer free ad space for non-profit organisations who need to get the word out.

  • Raise awareness to causes you are passionate about and contribute to their fund.

  • Donate to charities you care about or go out there and volunteer your time.


2. Self Improvement Challenges

self improvement

Everything you do, depends solely on the energy that is directly manifested by you. Your thoughts and actions are seeds that will build your life for tomorrow or damage your future for good. Your choice!

Negativity will pour negative outcomes, while being positive will yield positive outcomes. It's that simple but why do we still miss this perception of life?

You are the only one who can create and attract great things, it's all within you - waiting to be utilized positively. If you are waiting for someone else to bring positivism in your life, then you are not working on yourself. 


3. What You Should Stop Now

stop doing things that don't matter

Where are you going?

Are you moving towards the right direction in your life?

What are you interested in doing, rather than what you're doing now?

Start doing that today.

In life you have choices, and those choices come with odds we must choose from. Go the way you want and make your own choices along the way, that's how you learn and grow. Know that you will fail at some point, but use your failure to improve your chances of success in the future.


4. Complaining Takes You No Where


Having problems is a vital part of life, they are there for a purpose - to test you on your way to success and to help you become a decision maker. Every problem has a solution and sometimes you might not like the outcome.

You can make a decision on which one to deal with first and then gradually assess your situation before making big life changing moves. All through these process complaining will only block your mental floss for finding a solution and might hidden you decision making abilities.

Think about problems as part of the process and walk the walk to success on your terms.


5. Reinvest In Yourself With Proper Planning

reinvest in yourself

This is what a lot of people, especially entrepreneurs fail to do - is reinvesting in themselves. What I mean by this, you must keep your investment cycle going to keep seeing positive outcomes. 

Reinvest part of your income to people who contribute to your success, this will ensure that you get the same in return and your success is well in place. People will take care of you when you're there to make sure they are successful too. Get more in-depth discussion on creating a profitable business using a marketing funnel system.

Divine Tumenta is an entrepreneur and professional digital marketing expert who has worked in digital marketing for more than 8 years. He is currently founder and CEO of backlinkfy.com and a go to consultant for startups and small businesses in the USA.