5 Signs You Need Help With Your Digital Marketing Strategy

When planning your digital marketing strategy, start by knowing what to focus on first and what to do last. Sometimes small businesses turn to keep focusing on one medium, when there are other avenues for potential leads and connections that lead to growth in web traffic. 

The end game is creating a winning strategy that encompasses most, if not all of the different digital marketing channels today.

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Here are 10 signs you need a digital marketing assistant to get the ball rolling in the right direction to growth and better lead generation. 

1. Search Engine Optimization Strategy  (SEO)

Getting web traffic is the key to success for any campaign. In most marketing strategies, small businesses put all their energy in getting just traffic. Yes, you can get traffic but will it get you to sales?  

With any search engine optimization strategy, it's best to focus on getting targeting your niche market. For example: If you sale shoes, there will be know need getting traffic from sources that offer books. 

Starting with your on-page optimization before focusing on inbound links with your target keywords.  

2. Pay Per Click (PPC) Strategy

With money, you can get the right traffic needed for your products or services. Using PPC to get featured on the first page of Search engines can be the advantage between getting leads and wasting marketing resources.

To succeed with PPC campaigns, you will need to do extensive research on your competition, find keywords with low search volumes but high click through rates. All of these have to be structured and tested to make sure you get a return on investment.  

3. Link Building Strategy  

one of the primary sources of getting relevant web traffic to your website through search engines but not as relevant if you don't follow guidelines of most search engines - specifically Google.

Today you need to have a link building strategy that gets you only high authority links within your industry with relevance to you content. Buying link will be counter effective - so this should never be an option within your link building strategy. 

4. Social Media Strategy  

Stop marketing your business on social media the same way you post on your private page.

Marketing on Facebook should also be different from Twitter and other social media sites.

Posting on your social media company page can insinuate your next sale or potential buyer in the future. With this strategy, focus on helpful content that's shareable.  

Based on my experience, here are some tips on different platforms; 

  • Big picture and short videos work well on Facebook
  • Post with header pictures or small quote captures for Twitter
  • Infographs can find a home with Pinterest  
  • Well edited videos can be marketed on YouTube, Metacafe or Vimeo  
  • Choose your best post for Instagram  

5.  Press Release Strategy 

As a small business, how do you get your business announcements out to the masses. I believe, press releases still work effectively when you focus on the message on the effect of the announcement. With press releases, make sure to tailor messages that resonate within the journalistic scope.  

Make your press release announcements short, straight to the point and provide at least 2 links to so you can have inbound links to your website.  


Before you get your digital marketing strategy going, focus on cultivating one platform as a medium strategy for results before moving on to the next step.

For example: Develop a winning Facebook strategy and replicate that for other social media sites - but focus on keeping your Twitter message at 140 characters with 2 - 3 hashtags related to your industry or content.