5 Interesting SEO Tips To Include In Your Search Strategy

When it comes to building a successful online business or popular website, there is a lot of competition out there.

It is not enough - simply to build a good website, offer payment options online, and sit back to wait for clients to come.

You may have a better concept, a better site, or better prices. But the only way you can hope to cut through the clutter and attract people to your site is to make sure that it comes at or right near the top of every search engine.

The process of making sure this happens is called SEO, or search engine optimization.

Here are five things your SEO Strategy Should include:


1.) SEO starts with how you build your website

modern website design

Search engines like organized sites with a clear plan, called a site map. There are lots of ways of building a site map, whether you do it by hand or use an automated script.

There are clear rules for what makes a good site map, so be sure to research them (Google has a good guide).

Keep it up to date. Another website building tip, and one that many webmasters overlook, is to build your site with page names the search engines can latch onto.

For example; let's say you are building a site for a plumber. The site should have pages named something like "example.com/plumbing_services" and "example.com/current_plumbing_rates."

This will let the search engines give your visitors a peek inside your site to see if it's what they need. For a quick look at what this means, go to Google and type in "Nike." Below the main result, see all those sub-pages? That's not magic - it's a well organized site.

If you use WordPress or another CMS, select the option of naming your pages real names, rather than long jumbles of weird PHP code.


2.) Content is king

digital marketing content is king

Nothing matters more thank unique content. Create a blog on your site and constantly publish content about you or your business, include deals and discounts to attract customers looking to buy now. Start publishing blogs, once or twice a week.


3.) Video Marketing Ideas

There are a lot of free things you can do to increase your search rank.

For example, if you are a plumbing company, create some DIY videos and post them to YouTube then link the videos to your site. Watch traffic soar as people share them, subscribe to your channel, and increase web traffic to your company website. Unique targeted web traffic to your website ups your rankings.


4.) You need a strong brand

video marketing

Shockingly, studies show people usually have to see something ten times before they remember it. Have a great logo.

Come up with an awesome slogan. Do something to cut through the noise, so the next time your client needs what you have to offer, they remember you.


5.) Good SEO takes time


There are no quick fixes, no one-stop shops that will put you permanently on top of Google. A good optimization partner is a fantastic solution to help you establish your place in the search engines, but time and work will keep you on top as the process should be an on going strategy.