Best Content Marketing Strategy Tools To Improve Web Interaction - Guide

Content marketing is slowly becoming the best way to achieve your SEO success. Today, you need to create interactive and resourceful content that solves a problem or provides a solution.

You will also realize that your interactive content will gain more inbound links without you lifting a finger, it's simple to understand and people love it!

So, what really is interactive content and how do you use it?

You can start by doing these few things and then repeating your effort day in, day out. Now lets see the different types of interactive content you can use to build more engagement with users. 


Web Tools

online calculator

Embed something like a calculator which represents money. People turn to use this a lot online. Given the right strategy, a calculator represent something meaningful about your company’s plan.

For example; if you run a real estate agency, make sure to have a mortgage calculator embedded into your site or an accountant with a scientific calculator for tax time. 




Ebooks and white paper content are very Interactive content pieces, so turn your blog posts into eBooks. Increase your user experience, allowing readers to download content they can read later or share with friends without searching for your site.



picture gallery

Visual marketing is booming and you should join the pack, use galleries to represent your products and build interaction. In addition to showcasing products, create business portfolios, event highlights, or anything you can produce in an interesting image form. 




Create interactive personality tests for users to spend more time on your site. This meaningful marketing tools can help people identify a need, feel fulfilled and learn more along the way. 


Polls and surveys

pools and surveys

Polls and surveys can help you understand your audience and also provide a sense of involvement for your audience. Create expert content that can be measured based on what you want to accomplish with your polls.




Infographics are becoming one of the best ways to create engagement and shareable content. This can help you organize material that will represent your skills and build value towards your products or services.  



contests backlinkfy

Contests are still very useful but tricky! The best way to bring in participants will be sharing your contest across the social media channels.

Exciting contests have shown to bring in new customers and engagement. It is also a good we to collect data and help your users forward.



quiz backlinkfy

Quizzes are one of the content pieces you should seriously consider. Businesses use quizzes aiming to for educational purposes with users.

You can educate them on your products and services and see how interested they are to be part of your business. 

See this masterpiece infograph from LeadQuizzes:

Quiz Maker Guide [Infographic]
How to Make a Quiz that Generates Leads [Infographic] was created by LeadQuizzes by using information from their quiz maker guide.

Content Marketing Tools That Will Rock Your World

Interactive content offers an opportunity to differentiate your brand and engage your audience without leaving your core values as a company. 

Once you've defined your content creation path, use one of these interactive content creation tools to start creating interactive content that matters and will keep your audience engage, coming back for more!




Use this interesting tool to turning passive videos into interactive dialogues. Add text, images or question boxes. Insert quizzes and polls into your videos. Boost audience engagement and enrich your content.

Interact with viewers and generate leads. Refresh your website or blog by adding interactive videos.


Like scratch-it contests? Zembula is an interactive content creation platform for email, SMS, and social media and created Scratch-it, a digital scratch-off that reveals a hidden image and call-to-action.

It is incredibly effective and uses several principles of psychology that influence human behavior like curiosity, FOMO, and the Near Miss Theory.

4screens -engageform

An effective tool to generate and profile higher quality leads. Intuitive panel to design quizzes, polls, surveys, assessments or feedback formats.

Easy to share and drive traffic to your website. Helpful with gaining self-declared data. Integrated with the best marketing platforms.

First step of marketing automation and a new level of user engagement. Try out how it works below!

WebyClip can be the tool to really skyrocket engagement and interaction for e-commerce stores.

This tool lets you highlight specific products inside a video and then when that product is shown, your customers will be presented with that product and related products.

Once your customer clicks the product, they are brought directly to the storefront to buy it without going through hoops of content.


Mapme is an interactive mapping tool that lets you take your readers on a journey along a specific story line, news event, or travel trip.

Users can follow along with set pins that highlight a starting point on the map and can be given even more information in the form of video, images, gifs, and data along the way as they build their maps.


Qzzr is an interactive tool that makes great looking customized quizzes you can use on your website.

Qzzr can be embedded on your website and shared on social media like; Facebook or twitter. With this, you can really drive traffic through social channels.


ContentTools is a platform that is designed to "help companies generate leads and engage customers through the use of interactive content".

 They employ a number of different features for brands to use like a content grader, business assessments, quizzes, and even micro-sites that help collect valuable data.

Create visual displays for more clicks than just text on your website. 

With Infogr.Am you can create over thirty different types of visually appealing graphics that can be easily embedded and downloaded from your website by your users.


Apester provides interactive content, such as tests and quizzes, that keep your audience hooked.

It also enables you to provide more content to your target audience and encourages participants to share their outcome with their nearest and dearest.

Apester offers brands the ability to create polls, surveys, personality tests, and video quizzes, which they can embed into articles to get readers involved.


RooJoom software tool is an easy way to take your existing content and transform it into something that is very interactive.

Take everything from video to PDF's to images and text and make it far more engaging to your readers by bringing them on a “content journey.”


PlayBuzz is an interactive content creation tool that calls itself a “digital publishing platform”.

It’s goal is to allow marketers to create content that is optimized for engagement, interaction, and sharing, especially across social media channels.

The platform is simple to use for content creation - simply choose the format, write or add your interesting content, or select content from their network, and share to your users.


Basically, Visme is an easy to use drag-and-drop online tool that works right in your browser and free to use.

It's actually a bit different than most other creative tools because it allows you to create both true form Presentations and Infographics while allowing you to add full interactivity to any object. Users can share, embed or even download for offline use.

For help creating interactive content and distribution networks to promote your content, See how we can help!


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