Cape Town City Football Club And Blockchain Startup Announce First 5G Technology Fan Engagement Model

BlocSide Sports Ltd

MVP Token creator, the first digital rewards token in professional football built on the Ethereum Blockchain, announced a partnership with Cape Town City FC, a team that represents and empowers the ethnic and racial diversities of Cape Town.

The partnership, the first in professional football, will focus on utilizing BlocSide’s Digital Rewards Platform to engage with Cape Town City fans in a revolutionary way, what BlocSide calls their “5G” fan engagement.

BlocSide builds white labeled mobile/web solutions that integrate with a team’s current web and retail technical solutions. BlocSide aims to leverage augmented reality, frictionless payments, ticket-as-a-platform, and blockchain to give CTC fans a stake in the game they love.

“We’re very excited to join forces with Cape Town City, a progressive team that places such a high value on their fans,” said Daniel Taylor, CEO of BlocSide Sports. “Cape Town City has built the modern blueprint for what a professional football team should look like. I’m excited to join them on their journey.”

Taylor continued, “This is a huge step in solidifying our mission to use financial transparency and 5G fan engagement technology to support the growth and evolution of football in Cape Town and all of Africa.”

Cape Town City FC a club with a difference — one that works closely with the City of Cape Town and the wider communities to engage and create a football team as unique and diverse as the city it calls home. The team aims to be truly based within the community of Cape Town, with not only support- but input and feedback- from the diverse fan base being of the paramount importance to the club.

Founded in 2016, Cape Town City has made huge strides in both the ABSA Premier League table and local community inclusivity.

South African businessman, former professional soccer player and Cape Town City owner John Comitis is equally excited.

“Cape Town City FC considers its fans and communities at the center of all club decisions. We have and will continue to modernize and enhance the football experience for the people of South Africa. We trust that this partnership with BlocSide Sports can allow us to grow that legacy by bringing convenient and revolutionary solutions to our fans on match day and beyond,” Comitis said.


Sports Blockchain Startup Set to Release Fan Engagement App During NYC Blockchain Week

BlocSide Sports, creator of MVP Token, is set to elevate the fan experience through its blockchain enabled digital platform and club ownership approach. The BlocSide Platform will deploy some of blockchain’s strongest features by providing its token holders with sovereign identity, transparency and transferable ownership of exclusive digital assets. The result is a seamless, yet powerful mechanism for global teams to interact with their fans in a more efficient and interpersonal manner.

The initial release of the BlocSide Platform includes both the consumer and merchant apps that will be the foundation for team specific white-labeled platforms coming later this summer.

BlocSide’s Consumer App connects fans both in-stadium and at-home. In-stadium fans using the BlocSide mobile app will have access to several of the Platforms core features such as ticket-as-a-platform, interactive digital inventory, and new sponsor engagement channels. BlocSide’s unique digital assets are capable of individual legal ownership, 3D models can be placed via Augmented Reality, and picked up at special events and transferred amongst fans.

BlocSide’s commitment to fans starts with sovereign identity, where each fan owns their data and chooses how it is shared and with whom. This enables deeper dynamics within features in providing a truly customized experience in and out of the stadium.

Outside of stadium, fan participation within the ecosystem is enabled as soon as MVPs are held within their wallet. On the consumer app, activity and token staking tired memberships will unlock discounts and unique fan experiences that would otherwise be available to privileged season ticket holders and football insiders.

BlocSide’s Merchant Tablet App allows clubs, stadiums, and partners to participate and redeem MVPs. Brand integration via interactive stadium inventory and digital assets represents BlocSide’s long-term mission to drive new revenue sources and increased value for clubs.

BlocSide will be showcasing important features of the platform throughout their kick-off event on May 14th, 2018 from 7pm — 10pm at The Haven Rooftop. During the event, guests will have the opportunity to download the Consumer App and experience using MVP tokens in real-time to enjoy curated craft cocktails and light bites.

The BlocSide team, along with key partners Aventus, Mooti, BlockV, and VICI Sports, as well as our vital supporters Token Communities and Shuttle Fund, look forward to revealing their first product and talking about their upcoming releases (Android with iOS) to the football and tech community.

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