5 Tips On How Not To Choose An SEO Agency

Almost all small businesses with an online presence today, need some type of optimization. Search engine optimization can be expensive and time consuming, in most cases - you'll need to outsource your SEO tasks to an agency who will work closely with your company. 

Your competitor’s have an advantage when you don't optimize your website for keyword queries, your potential customers will not be able to find you online through search engines like; Google.

Every digital strategy for your business needs to include some SEO components to gain more exposure for the long term. As SEO becomes more important, you have to be keen on who you pick to execute your SEO strategy.

Finding the right SEO firm gives you a better perspective of the wrong ones.

Don't get scammed or lied to when searching for a favorable SEO agency. Here are 5 ways to know an SEO company won't work for you. 


1. Guarantees

With over 7 years of experience working with startups and entrepreneurs, I still can't gaurantee every single project will yield - but I do my best to gain results that get closer to our goals.

By doing good work with relevant SEO methods, we can improve your website and see positive results over time - sometimes 3 -6 months.

A good SEO agency knows that, there is no way of know exactly how long the process will take. So there is no way of guaranteeing you will be on the 1st page at this time or this date. There is just no way but overtime with repeat strategy and other techniques, things will look positive. 

So watch out for an SEO consultant or agency that guarantees specific results within a certain time, just keep it honest and find some other company. 

2. First page on Google or other search engines

Since Google is an independent company, you can tell where they will place your website for certain keywords you optimize. All you can do is, do the and wait for results. Every search engine Position can’t be bought, and all the SEO practices in the world might not get you a top ranking. Rather than promising you a coveted search engine rank position, a reliable SEO provider will promise you an efficient plan of action that will help your website achieve organic search success.

3. Big No No - Link Building Automation

Link building and content creation are two areas in SEO that should not be automated. When you start automating your SEO tasks, you the risk of investing your time in something temporal, in the long run - it might catch up to you and cause more damage then good.

With search engine penalties like; Google panda and penguin, you run a thin line of being penalized and success with link building automation. The end result might still be bad.

Your SEO expert should focus On an inbound plan for natural link building using content to organically grow quality backlinks.

4. No Reports or Transperency

Data and running reports to keep track of progress is how a great SEO agency or expert will evaluate progress. Don't get caught up with a company that never had data to present on work related status and updates.

Make sure to regularly get updates from your SEO agency and are able to evaluate the work progress and stages. 

5. Can't explain SEO strategy or process

SEO comes with different strategies and ways to approach tasks. With all the abbreviations and terms, you might get overwhelmed. An SEO agency or expert always be open to what you are trying to achieve; more traffic, conversion optimization, brand awareness etc. These are things you should be prepared to ask if you know what you want. A good SEO agency will be able to explain their services without complicated terms that might confuse you. These is extremely important in SEO because it will tell you if there a improvements after projects are completed and if there are any potential results to the positive side. 

6. Professional communication 

Make sure to find an SEO service company that communicates professionally.

If the company uses email addresses from a third party provider like, gmail, yahoo or msn - this might be a company taking you on for a ride. To make sure the company is reputable, check the email to see if it coresponse with the domain of the company. Truly successful seo agencies don't have to call you, because you find them.

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