How To Apply Local SEO For Your Small Business

Today, search engines are becoming more local - especially Google search. When you search something online, most results will be from local providers who are optimize to show up on Google. 

Doing local SEO will help your small business gain better standings in Google and will help people find your website for specific keyword terms.

For example; If you live in Los Angeles and own a pretzels store, chances are you sell your items to local customers. So how do these people find your business online?

By searching for keywords with pretzels- more specifically - "white chocolate covered pretzels" can be your keywords.

When someone searches for those terms locally, your business will show up for those keywords after you have locally optimized your site. 

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Here are 25 ways to get going with your local SEO Strategy!


1. List your business on niche targeted local directories

2. Make all URL links readable by humans. For example: NOT

3. Do a well written press release on local PR sites in your city.

4. List your business to top local directories in your industry.

5. Embed Find us on yelp on the footer of your website.

6. Create a simple informative Facebook page.

7. Create a twitter account and start tweets from your blog.

8. Use a local business phone number your customers can remember.

9. Always respond to reviews from customers on your local business pages.

10. Start a blog on your site and update it often.

11. Whats your local business load page time

12. Build relevant inbound link from niche sources, focusing on high authoritative links.

13. Update your Title tag, description and location including products or services.

14. Include your descriptive ALT tags with keywords to all images, this helps with SEO.

15. Include Call-To-Action buttons on relevant pages and locations on your website.

16. Add a "Review Widget" on your website for customers to review.

17. Have your business listed on Google Maps

18. Find and correct broken links on your website.

19. Create a Foursquare account and list your business.

20. Title tags should be 65 character or less, or they will be truncated on search engines.

21. Your meta description tags should be 155 characters or less.

22. Modify old business citations and update with current address and phone number.

23. Add testimonials on your website and from trusted sources like; Google.

24. Make sure you have a mobile friendly website.

25. Make sure to have the right amount of  text content on your site. At least 500 words minimum per page, So search engines can have a reason to crawl your website. 

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Divine Tumenta is an entrepreneur and professional digital marketing expert who has worked in digital marketing for more than 8 years.  He is currently founder and CEO of and a go to consultant for startups and small businesses in the USA. 

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