How To Get Up To 5000 Targeted Monthly Visits To Your Website

Are you Ready to stimulate your website growth?

Make our checklist your one stop shop to get started with Digital Marketing. 


Choose Your Industry Niche


Is there traffic potential and is it profitable?

Check for competition in your niche

Search for targeted keywords to see:

  • Who is ranking? 
  • What is ranking?
  • Pay attention to URL structure
  • Use a backlink checking tool to get a look at your competition.
  • Use a keyword tool to search monthly volume.
  • Search multiple niche keywords to get a variety within your niche.
  • Low search volume keywords often indicates low traffic potential.
  • Are people buying products and services with these targeted keywords?
  • Can your product or services fit the market?

Keyword Research


Are You Optimizing For Web Traffic?

  • Pay attention to monthly search volume

Monthly search volume indicates how many people are searching for a topic. the more searches you see, the more volume in traffic.

  • Make sure to know what Relative Competitions has on your niche

The more competition, the more people are going after the keyword. The more competition for a keyword phrase makes it harder for you to rank.

How Does Your Content Stack Up


Do you Create Assets?

Content assets provide value to customers and makes you money.

Tell a Story

People will talk about your products or services if it's part of a larger narrative. Stories help people make sense of things when there are no facts.

Evoking Emotion

Emotion helps with sharing content and makes readers feel like they a part of something. 

Create Valuable content  

Make sure your content helps solve a problem or fill a need. If readers don't find the content useful, they won't do anything with it. 


Are you making sure you track your visitors and their behavior? 

Analytics can help you get better analysis by knowing:

  1. Who your audience is and how to understand them.
  2. What they are doing on your website from page to page.
  3. What they find helpful and what they dislike.

Some major Analytics tools to try

Google Analytics: Cost Free

  • Track marketing, advertivsing  costs and campaigns.
  • Benchmark against other analytics programs
  • Track mobile audience

Webtrends: Cost (Custom Quote)

  • Customize mobile and social metrics for better web analysis
  • Heat map to see where visitors are landing on your page
  • Unlimited custom metrics 

KissMetrics: Cost $49 to $499 per Month

  • Focuses on visitors data
  • Integrates with email marketing and customers Management software 
  • Interactive data for better analysis and actions

Social Media

Do you have a social media presence?

  • Get twitter account specifically for you business
  • Start a Facebook page 
  • Use Pinterest if you are focused on imagery of your products
  • Instagram for pictures about your business
  • Join other networks that consist of your targeted audience

Are you constantly building your fan base?

  • Add a follow us or like us box within your website
  • Keep a small part of every posting visible, so your audience can interact with it
  • Ask readers like and follow you on any social media platform you are involved in

Are your posts well timed?

  • Posting at the right time with heavy audience activities on social media can boast your postings
  • Find ideal posting times by scheduling automated posting

Is your content easy for readers to share?

  • Place share buttons on posting you have within your website content
  • Place buttons above the fold to maximize interaction 

Growth Hacking

Hows your inbound-marketing Strategy?

1 - 2 Weeks To Complete:

  • Create an RSS Feed with useful content
  • Comment on other blogs within your niche
  • Ask others for links back to your website for more visitors

4 Weeks To Complete:

  • Interlinking to other content within your website
  • Link to other websites and build  relationships with them
  • Press Release outreach 

8 Weeks To Complete:

  • Create a blog on your website 
  • Timely post content relevant to your business
  • Create case studies and explanations
  • Make guides and resources visitors can interact with on your website

12 Weeks or More to Complete:

  • Build web relationships through Customers and Social
  • Provide educational content
  • Get interviews about your business


How are your web pages setup?

Above the fold: Web visitors spend about 60-80% of their time above the fold.

  • Attention grabbing topics on every page
  • Image and explanatory videos about your product or services
  • Benefits: Use bullet points for easy reading 
  • Call to Action: Make an eye catching button with a different color

Below the fold: Add content that will help navigate he visitor through your website

  • Links to other pages
  • Testimonials from real customers
  • Descriptions
  • Trust elements - Security seals and other links to places your website has been mentioned.  

Partnerships and Business Development

What kind of business development are you in need of?

Are you building a community?

  • Offer Customer Support
  • Live chat
  • Knowledge base

Are you Re-marketing?

Use cookies to make sure your ads follow recent visitors around the web. This will increase awareness and more exposure for your website. 

Start building your web traffic today and create routine steps that work.  Be patient and keep updating your content for better results.