How To Market Your SaaS To Future Growth In Brand and Revenue

saas growth

You have launched your SaaS and it's time to grow your users, how do you do about growing your revenue an increasing your brand recognition?

What strategies will you use to get your Saas brand visibility and revenue increase?  

To help you get started, here are some tips to guide you through your growth planning. 

The first step will be:



1. Building A Unique Marketing Strategy For Your SaaS Product.

Your SaaS product is simply a cloud management of your software application - "software as a service".  There are no downloads for customers and can be accessed from any computer, smart phone or tablet, since all data is stored in a central secured server.

Create a marketing funnel as soon as possible, setup email collection forms. Create landing pages for your targeted content that match your product or service, and promote where your customers hang out. The best place to start will be on social media, sharing through your business page with some ads to go along with your posting. 


2. Let Your Brand Grow Organically

Services and products that solve a concrete problem will be visible over time. Use content and SEO strategies to keep things fresh online. Also re-purpose all your content for sharing in different formats on social media.

Why? Because, customers will be subscribing to the brand and will depend on a reliable access to the application they've built trust with over time. Your potential customers will hope their information is being protected through secured data centers, with next to noon customer service over the entire life of the SaaS subscription.

When you have customers to build your brand, show them your future plans and your record of delivering on past promises, provide proof of your reliability, and give them evidence that you can provide security for the services you offer through the life of their subscription to your software application. 


3. Brand Investment To Dominate Your Competitors

Investing in your brand is very vital to customers needs. Your brand needs to be trusted as a SaaS solution vendor. Customers are investing in your company as much as in a particular service or product you offer, and they want to be in a positive relationship with your company.

In addition to spending money on lead generation strategies, allocate financial resources to ensure that your business brand message is compelling enough for potential customers to connect.


4. Be On The Best Side With IT Professional

Always make sure you are on the same page with your IT team, as they make sure your data is secured, has reliable access for customers and performs at high speeds to improve productivity. If anything is lagging, confront these concerns effectively by documenting any critical features to be deployed in the software.


5. Up-selling To Present Customers

Up-selling is an effective way to grow your SaaS. As your current customers subscriptions start to expire, it will be time for a renewal. With that said, you are about to have a new saleand can classify these customers as prospects.

Get them on board seamlessly, keep them informed of product upgrades and enhancements, keep them engaged on social media and by email about new features and why they should upgrade to improve their usability.  Make it simple, as this should be a soft sell to your current customers. 


6. Pay Attention To Customer-Acquisition Costs

SaaS products accumulate the biggest expenditure on customer acquisitions, so this will be a huge chunk of your budget. Make sure you're spending your ad budgets efficiently. Depending on your niche, use Adwords and Bing Ads to get your advertising going. Make sure to track every conversions, so you can find tune your campaigns for better ROI. 


7. Development and Marketing Process Go Hand In Hand

The advantage of having a SaaS solution is that, you can update the solution frequently as needed. Put in place a process that makes it possible for marketing to keep up with this more-aggressive product-release schedule, as not to loss the momentum already in place. 


8. Nurture The Prospective Customers

As technology evolves, not too many people adapt to these changes, so it's your place to nurture them about the benefits of SaaS. Start doing this early in the sales process as to build up to your closing. Before you explain the legal terms of using your SaaS, make sure you and your legal team understand this thoroughly. 


9. Present the Whole Picture of your SaaS

The whole picture of your SaaS is what potential customers will like to know. Show the value from; configuration to fit a specific business, support provided by your company, speed of deploying new upgrades and features. If you offer free trials, make sure to put that up front on your site. This can give your potential customers an idea of how your product works.

Most of all, focus on making your purchase process as simple as possible so as to avoid an abandoned cart. 


10. Pricing Shouldn't Be Your Only Selling Point

If you research properly, you'll find that SaaS solutions might at least cost less than similar products in the marketplace (Downloadable Software). In most cases, the low pricing might drive prospective customers your way initially. But with time customers will value more than just pricing;

Can your solution integrate with other software?

Can I update the mobile and desktop application simultaneously?

How fast does the app update and how often?

Is these app reliable, How many users per subscription and so on. 

In some cases, customers might view these questions more as a justification to use your SaaS - trumping price as the number attraction. Let your pricing and features be unique within your niche and you will see more growth than you imagined. 

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