How To Understand The Brilliant Mind Of A Successful Entrepreneur

We are all entrepreneurs in some form. You might've probably sold something or creating something with risk involved. This article is about true entrepreneurship with all the flaws and positives that come with being your own self.

The drive that only a few can sustain without falling out, the full mystery of inner powers. To build a successful business, not everyone can withstand the punches that come with it. 

Entrepreneur fish

To understand the brilliant mind of successful entrepreneurs, you can start here; 


1. Your work is an extension of life

When you enjoy your work, you stay emotional attached to it. Your ideas never stop flowing, solving problems walks through your veins.


2. Knowing you are responsible for all actions taken

When you a challenged with making a tough decision, you don't shy away. Taking risk is part of your strength as you know the results only come after the ladder.


3. You always feel misunderstood

It doesn't matter if you've achieved the heights of you career, you will always have to fight back others who are determined to bring you down. Entrepreneurs are unique. In order to be success, you are willing to make decisions that challenge your adversaries.


4. Leadership is inevitable

There comes a point where you will have to lead employees in your organization when you finally start hiring. You have to start now through leadership development and other skills that will prepare you.


5. How do you fire someone?

Because you have gone through life and understand how important it is to have steady income, this will make it especially difficult to fire someone. You have deep empathy.


6. Thinking about taxes makes you sick

Paying taxes is a responsibility by law, but taxes make you sick. It's just another tasks that happens to suck your dry financial.


7. You understand the ins and out of your business every day

You carry the weight of being the manager, marketing, sales and HR. All of these things only make you learn more.


8. Your risk taking is mentally calculated

Sometimes as an entrepreneur you can see things better into the future, so you take calculated risk that could result in amass reward and make it worthy.


9. Those question that keep popping up in your mind

Tough times is the devils work shop. It shows you - who you are and how human you can be. Sometimes you feel, maybe just having a job is a great idea, then you jump right back to being you(entrepreneur). It's you, so why run away.


10. Work hours don't exist

Your life is your work, your work is you. So you have no work time, just using your time to solve problems.


11. Your ideas can't all be good

Having the creative mind of an entrepreneur, you might come up with hundreds of ideas but understand that just one needs to be perfect to see great positive results.


12. Today and Now are your cousins

Making things happen means today and now, so you live by that analogy. Even if it comes down to working odd hours to accomplish goals and meet datelines.


13. Even with money

You’ll never have enough funding and you will never have enough cash. So you work with what your having, building a better pool for the future of your efforts.


14. Failure is a lesson

Before success, there will be a string of failures and you are never afraid to fail. It’s the inner drive and sheer determination that sees you through and those are attributes that never leave you as a person.


15. You are relentless

With your brain focus on success, it’s very difficult to turn it off. Your work takes the drive with you home as a reminder of your passion.


16. You're determination is visible

As an Entrepreneur you need to develop skills that guide your ability to change your mind, adjusting to current and foreseen situation in the future.

With this determination, even when times are tough, most entrepreneurs wouldn’t stop pushing towards success.


Divine Tumenta is an entrepreneur and professional digital marketing expert who has worked in digital marketing for more than 8 years.  He is currently founder and CEO of and a go to consultant for startups and small businesses in the USA.