Powerful SEO Strategies Every Marketer Needs To Know


SEO comes with different strategies as there are a lot of ways to implement it. To help you understand the differences, I’ve put together four different digital marketing strategies for SEO and link building that any marketer should know. 

Here are four SEO Methods to use when implementing your strategy in 2020 and beyond!


Local SEO For Store Fronts

Your store front needs local SEO to succeed online. With local SEO, you can increase your store's visibility when potential buyers in a local area search for your products/services on a desktop or mobile device within a set geographical area. This will help you show up on searches for keywords that apply to your business. Searches can find you on Google maps/places, Bing local, yahoo local and other search engines that enable local search targeting. 

Tip: Your local searches will include keywords and phrases that relate to your businesses within a neighborhood, city, community or anything else that relates to a specific location and its surrounding area.

When doing local SEO, don't only focus all your resources online. You can also do the following:

  • Get involve in your local city chamber of commerce

  • Enter community events (and sharing about those events on your blog and social media)

  • Creating local profiles on Google My Business, Yahoo! Local, and Bing Places for Business

  • Registering on top local directory sites and submitting to data aggregators

National SEO

National SEO is what a lot of us are use to and it's an opposite to local SEO. This SEO strategy can apply to businesses that do not need a physical location to operate and can fully services customers nationally. Jet.com is a clear example of a business that does national SEO rather than local.

Key factor: Focus on building backlinks from sites with high DA using content that relates to your targeted keywords.

There is no store location and they can sell and supply products to customers anywhere within the country. National SEO strategy works when a company fully focuses on building content visible on search engines that can be found online no matter you physical location. 

Tip: Your national SEO should focus on long-tail keywords with no location focus.

  • Do not include addresses or specific locations.

  • Do research and see how others are ranking national and then replicate strategy.

  • Use keywords that do not include location tags. Ex. "black tennis rackets" not "black tennis rackets Los Angeles"

Note: This is one of the most challenging SEO strategies because you are competing against big brands. 

Technical SEO

When doing SEO, technical will always be the first thing to look at before proceeding. Technical includes optimizing your website's back-end code and structure.  This is SEO done within your website and is completely not visible for searches but helps to enhance your other SEO strategies.

You cannot ignore technical SEO because, it's the backbone of your SEO strategy. If you don't have this right, all other efforts might just go to waste. 

Tip:  There a many more technical elements to consider, but this are the few to have in mind when you get started. 

  • Check Load times for your website (Should be below 3 seconds)

  • Page optimization (Title tags, image title tags, meta description)

  • Internal linking

  • Monitor the site for 301, 302 and 404 errors

  • Page title optimization

  • Outbound links

  • Mobile friendly

Barnacle SEO

Barnacle SEO is simply an attachment of your website to other larger sites within your niche. This helps smaller businesses benefit from bigger more established companies who already have a standing online and can refer valuable traffic their way. If you are searching for a site that is established online, your site will show up too within the larger site. 

This is clear when you look at location based website like Foursquare.

Tip: If you run a small local mechanic shop based in Los Angeles, its not difficult to figure out Foursquare would most likely rank higher in search engine results than a small mechanic shop, so if the business were to focus some of their SEO efforts on increasing their number of positive reviews on Foursquare they would be attaching themselves to Foursquare.

When someone searches for Foursquare and mechanic shop Los Angeles, the business will be able to enjoy search ride with foursquare consumers in search results. Use quality directories to achieve this easily.


Just remember one thing. Whatever you do for SEO, make sure to include all SEO strategies to achieve great results. It takes time to reach your goals but it's better to take the steps necessary to fix the problem before they arise. 

So make sure your next marketing plan include all these components in your SEO and digital marketing strategies to compete and rank higher on search engine results. 

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Divine Tumenta is an entrepreneur and professional digital marketing expert based in Los Angeles. He has worked in digital marketing for more than 8 years. He is currently founder and CEO of backlinkfy.com and a go to consultant for startups and small businesses in the USA.