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20 Top Sites For Guest Blogging Topics: SEO, SMO, Web Design and Marketing

If you like writing and want to publish your unique content on other sites, I have researched and wrote for a couple sites that might be of value to your business. Guest blogging can help you create powerful high authority niche links to your website. 

With millions of sites out there, its hard to know where to promote your article to the masses.These sites will accept topics like SEO, SMO, Digital marketing and web design as part of their content.

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16 Ways To Market Your Startup With No Budget - Free Guide

Marketing your startup has to be constant. Manage employees and keeping customers happy, startups usually don't have the time to create and implement a marketing campaign that drives brand engagement, generates leads, and boosts sales (You need this to succeed and grow). In today's digital world, we're going to focus on the top digital marketing strategies that you can use to promote and effectively market your startup, SaaS or Small business.

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How To Understand Digital Marketing - Pull and Push

Digital marketing can also be categorized in two major types; which are Pull Digital Marketing and Push Digital Marketing. The definition of digital marketing is the use of electronic devices or gadgets like mobile devices, computers, tablets and game consoles etc. When using digital marketing, the target audience gets involved at their own convenience. This makes it easier to get the best possible lead for your product or services.

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