Top 10 Reasons To Promote Your SaaS Product In App Review Directories

SaaS, or software as a Service, describes any cloud service where consumers are able to access software applications over the internet. The applications are hosted in "the cloud" and can be used for a wide range of tasks for both entrepreneurs and organizations of any size.

Google, Twitter, Facebook and BillQuick are all clear examples of SaaS products. Users are able to access the service via internet enabled devices - be it on a desktop or smart phone.

Enterprise users are able to use applications for a range of needs, including Accounting and Invoicing, Time Tracking, Sales, Planning, Performance monitoring, Project management and others like; (e-mail and instant messaging).

As a SaaS marketer, getting people to know about your application (app) should be one of the main priorities. 

Here are Top 10 reasons to promote your SaaS with App Directories


1. Independent Marketplaces:

SaaS directories are the largest and fastest growing independent marketplaces for application products. Everyday thousands of qualified active prospects are using these directories to discover applications that meet their exact needs.  

2. Business Size:

SaaS directories can help small and medium-sized  businesses to search, look, and review the best business tools. 

3. Finding The Right Vendor:

App Directories allow you to find the software for your organization, comparing the tools that match your needs and connecting directly with the vendor providing such tool. 

4. Finding Productive Software Tools:

It's easy to find a game you can play all day, try finding a software for productivity - you might be in for a treat.

SaaS directories have given a new approach to this headache. Now, customers can connect with technology users, analysts and vendors to make sure their purchasing decisions fit their needs with a specific software. 

5. Software Categories in SaaS Directories:

Some SaaS directories have over 100 software categories listed, providing buyer guides, blog posts, as well as user ratings to help customers evaluate various options from a third-party source. 

6. Industry Specifics:

Most App directories help thousands of businesses and non-profits find the right tool everyday. Some are industry specific while some will carry everything.

7. Openness and Sharing Information:

SaaS directories help bring more openness and sharing to business software solutions, which can be relevant and helpful among smaller businesses that do not have large-scale resources. 

8. Product Features:

With App directories, customers can get to know more about your product's features, terms, pricing etc. This gives customers the ability to quickly see the differences between your software and another solution in one place.

9. Marketing within App Directories:

App directories offer a wide range of marketing services for your SaaS product, that will help you improve trust and confidence to your potential customers and users. 

10. Peace of mind:

Knowing that you can have direct comparison of your product with another, this gives you a peace of mind when thinking about marketing.

Here you have your competition, how do you market your Saas better than them and who your competition targets as an audience. 


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