Top 10 Social Media Tactics For Small Businesses And Startups

Social media is a popular Web medium where people can socialize through technology with one another online. With social media networks, this has changed how small businesses communicate with their customers when marketing products and services online.

Social media lets businesses, especially small businesses and entrepreneurs that cannot afford to create online communities to interact with their customers in a more personal way - building better customer relationships.

Small businesses need to know one thing, marketing on social media can be a time-consuming task with constant monitoring and influence.

As you use social media to promote your business, don't approach it from a marketing view. Interacting with your customers on social media needs to be a conversation and helping with ideas. These tips can be applied to Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, Pinterest and more! 

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Here are top 10 social media tips for small business marketing that can help you understand how to communicate with your customers on social media networks.

1. Planning your approach

You might be wondering "I use social media networks every day" so I'll set up a page and post content. Yes, you're right but there is more to that. Doing social media will require commitment both in money and engaging with your audience.

Think about this for a second, next time you use Facebook do this -  create fresh content, post it on your page and boost it for $10. My promise to you, if you do this right - you will see results. Make sure what ever content you decide to boost can actually help others achieve something or satisfy a want. 

2. Start searching for Customers

Make sure you understand your market, and find the right social media to focus on. With many social media networks and news 2.0 websites, it can be difficult to target just one social media platform. So when you find a market for your business one one, make sure to move on to the next platform and build value. With some automated social media tools like: Jarvis, buffer - this can be done simultaneously but you will need to respond to requests, comments and other things your customers might need. 

3. Build your identity

Create relationships, personal relationships with your customers. Know that your business is you, so represent you identity and be personal with your potential customers. Start doing things like; post a picture of your company event and activities rather than a business brochure on your profile or business page, post blog articles and interactive polls to keep the conversation. You might face challenges with social media but keep it going. Open up to your clients when problems arise. 

4. Top 3 social media elements

Content, Content, and Content! Keep your content fresh and up to date. Start keeping things fresh with a clean blog post. As a small business or as an entrepreneur, you are the expert in your field, so use it to communicate with content but geared towards your customers. 

5. Let your Expertise come to play

A Small business can communicate with customers from an experts prospective on social media networks. Start joining existing communities where your customers congregate, then easily inforce into the community by being the go to expert, who will advice on certain topics. 

6. Respond to customers promptly

 Social media marketing depends on your own ability to respond to customers in a timely fashion in order to build trust and confidence. This will help you show customers how reliable your business can accommodate their needs. Be active and engage in all conversations related to your company or field of expertise.

7. "Social" means you have to socialize 

A small business also needs to demonstrate good conversational skills, this will come in handy when responding to people. This will show that you have open ears, and understand their conversation.

With any social media network you have to stay in the conversations that pattern to you, as to keep the ideas or solutions flowing. 

To demonstrate good listening skills and engage in the conversation, you can respond directly to the questions and comments in a timely manner.

How will you communicate with a potential customer offline? 

8. Keep your content mixed up

When Posting pictures that demonstrate your product's benefits, make it unique. Use Video marketing as a way to humanize your company.

Videos have twice the engagement as photos on Facebook and Instagram.

Look at YouTube - did you know YouTube is the second biggest social network in the world right behind Facebook. I thought you should know this fun - Fact. 

So yes, if you can create great videos for your business - you are going to see more engagement on your post, more traffic and leads.  

You can shoot a simple video with your smartphone that shows your product in use. Consider using one of your customers in the video to build your brand's credibility and then post it on YouTube or embed right it on your Facebook page and blog.

9. Be the unique guy - exclusive

Unless it's math, things can be done a lot of different ways. One way to do this is to offer rewards or promotions exclusively to social networking customers who you interact with on various platforms. 

Promotions are call-to-action with urgency, you might have short-term success and miss out on your long term social customers- those that will stay around for years to come. 

10. Hit the road with social media to your business

If your doing social media right, the end point will be your sociable media business page or website. This can lead to them considering your company or buying right away.