Top 10 Tips For Small Business Digital Marketing - Power Strategy

Small businesses today wish they can push a button and get a marketing strategy in place but if that really existed, wouldn't you like to know whats in it? and how it will affect your overall business?

Today with so many marketing channels, its hard to understand how to go about setting your small business up for success.  

Every Channels in Digital Marketing is Measurable, so you can track your performance and focus on what's important - Conversions and Return on investment (ROI)

Simply putting information out there about your services or products won't cut it, you have to be creative, innovative and pure focused on developing a winning strategy that can be replicated through the years with add-ons and subtractions of what doesn't work anymore. 

To get you on the right track, here are 10 tips for your small business digital marketing strategy;

1. Update your Website:

This might seem like nothing, but in 2014 a lot of changes took place on the web and many visitors to your website can tell how old or new it is. Don't be caught with a badly structures website with; Broken links, old images and disastrously linked pages. Improving your website should be a top priority before engaging in digital marketing. 

2. Website Blog:

Add a simple blog to your website. Simple strategy to drive targeted traffic to your website content. Keep your blog updated with product updates, services and other informative content to help your visitors find what they are looking for. Your website blog will determine a lot about your business, so keep in simple and informative. It's better to have helpful content, than a bunch of worthless pieces not related to what you offer. 

3. Start optimizing on-page:

Optimizing your website for search engines should start from day one when you launch. Start optimizing your image alt text (with descriptive phrases), focus your keywords on all unique pages, Write clear URL's for all pages, include proper meta-tags and description etc.

4. Link building Off-page:

After you've completed optimizing your on-page content and url's - it's time to get stated off-page with link building. Find websites with similar content and high authority within your industry for backlinks. Don't waste time with quantity, focus on quality and authority on your inbound link strategy. 

5. Make us of Social Media:

Marketing on social media can be frustrating or just plain boring. After all your Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and other platforms are meant to communicate for fun, so why will people pay attention to your products or services? It's simple, give them a reason to care and they will care. The goal is not to sell but to bring awareness and exposure towards your business. Remember, you are putting your website in-front of real potential buyers - what can go wrong!

6.  Conduit E-mail Marketing:

Build a list of clients you have in your database, who have bought something but haven't purchased in a while. Start a campaign, send out some discount offers and lure them back into you arms. Make email offers simple to complete and include the right landing page for that offer. 

7. Try Using Pay Per Click Campaigns (PPC): 

With PPC, you can pretty much track every cent spent down to the wire. Set your own marketing budget, bid on keywords and manage your PPC Ad Campaigns over time for results. There are a lot of PPC platforms out there today, I will recommend sticking with Google Adwords or Bings Ads. Spend money only on clicks to your website landing page. 

8. Exposure With Press Releases:

Your business is small but will like to expand, how do you accomplish this with less effort? Press release! A press release can help you spread the word about your new product, services or any announce worth sharing about your small business to a larger audience.  Include a link on your press release and gain inbound links to your website, this helps with your SEO effort. In some cases, you can have your press release picked up by journalist who will write about your company. Press releases can be inexpensive but cost effective.

9. Use Webinars:

Build your contact list through webinars that can generate leads. Just make sure to focus on important topics and present you content in a fun and energetic manner. Do not sale on webinars, rather contact everyone independently who found your webinar useful and needs further information. 

10. Start looking for reviews:

You are a small business and must have some satisfied customers in your database. It's time to get them out and beg for reviews, yes beg for reviews! As we all know, everyone is busy - so time is everything. Maybe offer an incentive for them to spend sometime reviewing your business or ask every new customer to drop you a review on Google, Yelp, Bing and other search platforms. 


Digital marketing is traceable down to the T. So if you use these strategies well, results should be imminent and measurable. Just make sure to spend some time on every task as you will have to continuously update as trends change over time.