Top 4 PPC Tips For Startups With An Advertising Budget

Startups have the idea to help others be more productive, providing tools that accomplish specific tasks.

Today, the number one thing for startups and small businesses is getting new customers and growing to profitability.

In most cases, startups will not have a vast marketing budget to test their marketing strategies or techniques - making it difficult to invest on targeted marketing channels.

With that in mind PPC advertising can be an affordable alternative and you will have the ability to target your audience, having full control over your digital marketing budget. 

As you run your PPC Campaigns, you only get charged per click action - this makes it easier to analyze data for further optimization techniques and better return on investment (ROI).  

ppc advertising leads

Here are 10 tips to get your startup into ppc advertising with a budget; 


1. Google Adwords  

This is the most popular ppc platform for getting your search and re-marketing campaigns. Depending on your industry, you can set a budget - daily, weekly, monthly,  so you can easily track performance.

You can set a minimum daily budget of $5 to unlimited amounts. 


2. Bing Ads/Yahoo

With bing ads, your advertisement will show up in Bing searches related to your business. Today, Bing and yahoo share the same advertising platform - so marketing on Bing will also show up in yahoo searches for related keywords.  


3. App Directory Listing

This one is a no stress strategy - list your startup in SaaS directories if you have a software product. Most SaaS directories offer a ppc system within their platforms.

You can get listed, feature on the first page of these directories by paying a flat monthly marketing fee - every time someone clicks on your ad or profile, you will be charged directly from your account balance. 


4. Social Media - Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram

These are all social media sites meant for communication, but with hidden marketing powers.

Today, social media has become a part of our daily lives - so it's time to invest as much time in marketing your pages as you will with other marketing strategies 

  • Facebook - You can focus on targeting a demographic, age group, sex and other characteristics based on the product or service you offer. 
  • Twitter - With 190 characters you can promote your tweets to a targeted audience based on interest. Ex; people interested in a hashtag > "#marketingstrategies" can find your tweet ads on their feed. 
  • Pinterest - Make beautiful pictures, infographs and instructional pins that can be promoted to a targeted audience based on your preferences. 
  • Instagram - The marketing platform is directly tied to Facebook ads, you can run ads on Instagram directly from your Facebook ads dashboard. All you need is target the audience that will be interested in viewing your post. 


Note that every PPC Advertising platform has their own way of charging per click, so you might see different variations when using them based on your product, targeted audience, budget and optimization.