Top 5 Best Hospitality Business Software Tools For Productivity

We have researched and put together 5 top Hospitality software tools for the service industry. These software tools rank 5/5 or 10/10 in ratings and can drastically improve your companies productivity. Find out which one works best for your business and start improving the way you run your day to day operations. 


Make it easier for your customers to pay for their meals

Zapper allows your customers to pay using their smartphone without having to call the waiter back to the table. Zapper even supports splitting the bill. Customers scan the QR code on their bill with the Zapper app to pay instantly.

Zapper will make it quicker and easier for your customers to pay for their meals. But besides a great user experience, Zapper also helps increase revenues at your restaurant through greater efficiency and targeted promotions.


Guest Success Management

zkipster is a leading guest success management software for invite-only events. zkipster runs on iPads, Android and Windows 8 tablets and features a suite of add-on tools including social media tracking, dynamic seating charts and name badge printing.

The Winnow System

Technology to cut food waste in half

The Winnow System believes that food is far too valuable to waste, and that technology can transform the way we use food. It can be helpful in cutting food waste in half.


Easy scheduling software for your restaurant

Rather than building software that works 'ok' for all industries, 7shifts decided to build a software that works perfectly for restaurants. The result? Simple, and easy-to-use restaurant scheduling software that can help scale your business with more transactions.


Increasing direct bookings for hotels

Voyat is a lightweight platform that enables hotels to present offers, promotions and guest loyalty rewards tailored to every individual, increasing customer lifetime value and strengthening the direct channel to your hotel.