How To Recover From A Google Penalty, In Less Time

Google Panda and Penguin

These updates have been around for a few years now and still some businesses find themselves falling into oblivion.

When you start building traffic to your website, it is important to focus on quality, not quantity when it comes to content and inbound links.

Google panda

Panda update was introduced for one specific reason – demote sites that have no quality content and elevating websites with quality content in SERP’s.

Let’s take a look at Panda for a second – you have been creating content for years and now you think everything should be gravy on your way up in SERP.

Example of a panda effect (client website)

Example of a panda effect (client website)


Google Penguin

Penguin update was introduced to make sure you are not linking to website with low quality value - Authority, ranking and content. 

Example of a penguin attack (Client website)

Example of a penguin attack (Client website)

As you see both correlate and can be very devastating to your online business. 

What causes a panda effect?

Panda comes in to play when you copy content from other websites, important site information like a contact page. This are just examples, as panda is a combination of many factors based on an algorithm.

Then years later, traffic starts to drop – in this situation, Google just downgraded your content and ranked a website with much better content or updated content.

To fix this issue, you will need to go through you entire website and blog – Updating everything, including, titles, Meta tags, keywords etc.  

After updating all these pages, you can now ping your website and be patient. Remember Google is a company too and has its own standards on what type of content to rank on its search engine results, so be patient.



What causes Penguin to attack?

Google penguin was lunched and including as part of Google’s algorithm when it comes to analyzing what website up vote you in SERP. Back in the day (2000's), you could have collected a bunch of links with no value and still ranked at the top of Google for your keywords and content.

Today you can only rank by linking to niche focused, high page rank websites with trusted authority and content. With this changes you will need to evaluate all your inbound links as to make sure your website doesn’t get penalized.

In case you have already experienced a penalty – Don’t worry, it’s fixable but you might need hard work and sacrifice time to get this penalty fixed. In some cases, it might take months to find this links sucking the light out of your website and business. 

(I call this process "Tantrum Circle")


Follow this instructions to help you get started;

When your website gets penalized, you might have violated Google’s webmaster guidelines. To get started on fixing this problem you will need to add your site to Google webmaster if not already done.

After your site is verified, now you can start taking care of business. Take this process serious, as it’s the only way to get your site ranking again if you are unsuccessful getting those bad links out of your website backlinks. This is how you do it yourself in Google webmaster tool. 


Steps to get started:

  • Log into you webmaster tools dashboard

  • Click on “Search Queries” Located on the left site panel

  • Then click on “Manual Actions”

After clicking on the manual actions, you can now identify the penalty associated with your website.

  • Fix the issue manually and quickly, so you can submit a successful Reconsideration Request that will help manual reviewers understand if the problem was solved.

  • Once you have submitted your request, this might take anywhere from 3 days – 4 weeks to get a response from Google.


After trying all this factors with no results, the best way will be to disavow your website inbound links - only bad links in Google webmaster.

This is a long and tedious process but can be handled by an expert, so you don't destroy your website traffic in the process. 

When disavowing your bad links, you will need to go through them and check to make sure you are picking out no-follow links with low quality and high ranking links with no relevancy to your website. It can be tricky, but you can do it if you are patient and focused. 

You can get started with an Expert today. Need more help getting raid of your Horrible Backlinks? We can help take these links down and get you back to a better position in search engine ranking results. 

Build search engine trust with a PR Distribution and increase your visibility. You can recover faster than you think!

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