Hourly PPC Expert

Hourly PPC Expert

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Understand how PPC ad campaigns work and how to run campaigns with excellent ROI. We will help you get started with Google Ads and Bing Ads.

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Our PPC consulting & management service provides small business and startups the perfect opportunity to get a share of targeted paid search traffic from search engines like; Google, Bing and other local directories.

We create ppc campaigns that produce results using smart digital marketing tools tor push your ads arund the web. Our dedicated paid search experts are here to help you achieve your paid search advertising goals within a short period of time.

With our unique paid search optimization strategies, we can build online marketing campaigns to elevate your small business in it's target industry or niche market.

Our marketing strategy and optimization process has helped over 100+ Local and nationwide Small Businesses as well as SaaS companies achieve the online presence they never thought possible. We assign a dedicated pay per click expert, who will make sure your campaign is a success and you can start ranking for your targeted keywords to attract sales and leads.

We Optimize And Manage Your Online Campaigns

PPC Campaign Audits → Google Ads → Google Remarketing → PLA Shopping → Bing Ads → Display Network Advertising → Search Network Advertising → Mobile Ads

Audit Business Or Present Campaigns

Don’t be worried, this is simply to make sure we can get the ball rolling in the right direction before campaign setup. In this instance it is how I present to you my accountability. With this in mind, this helps to show where there are vulnerabilities and opportunities. A report will be generated that shows how your digital marketing performance and where some assistance is needed the most. All audits are the gateway to campaign success.

Research Keywords & Competitors

An effective PPC Campaign begins with a strategic timeline and goals. with industry insights and research on your competitors, we create a directive campaigns with user intent in mind. With this reformed and targeted strategy, your campaign will start to improve and grow. Keyword research includes; your top selected targeted keyword list, negative keyword list and competitors keyword list.

Strategy Implementation

Getting all the data is just the beginning. Implementing the overall ppc strategy effectively will justifies the performance and outcome. Some paid search campaigns perform better than others, why? because of implementation. This could be the break or make part of your campaign, so we make sure all your priorities are intact before launching!

Campaign Optimization

Ad spend can be a blessing or a curse. You can spend your whole budget, get traffic and no conversions. Why? Because you are unable to target the right traffic and maximize your ad budget. Our campaigns are focused on ROI, so we spend the majority of time making sure your campaigns are performing and maximizing every penny towards a conversion, sale or signup. We also make sure you have the right tracking code installed on your landing pages, so we can better optimize your conversions.

Testing Campaigns

Running any campaign comes with a primary goal; Increasing conversions. We do ongoing tests of landing pages, study and monitor where visitor traffic flow through your website. Through proper testing and data collection, we are able to fine-tune your campaigns to bring you improved results.

Data Usage & Ideas

Using the data collected throughout the marketing process, we can use it to further improve your ads. This will help us discover new opportunities for growth which = more revenue for your business.