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How We Rank For Targeted keywords

We do the same to get you ranking for your targeted keywords based on researching your industry, finding the best possible phrases, optimizing your content and  promoting it to your potential audience. 

Does Your SEO Agency Rank For Its Own Keywords?

SEO is used to describe all the strategies and techniques used to elevate a site's rankings on search engines. You will need to increase your search rankings to drive organic traffic to your site, Backlinkfy helps you achieve this goal in lesser time based on our well crafted strategies and implementations.

We can create your content; Building inbound links, write content copies, design your landing pages, keyword research - All focusing on your ROI. 

While getting you ranked for your keywords in Los Angeles, we also focus researching and developing new optimization strategies based on industry standards that will keep improving your site over time. 

Why You'll Be Satisfied With Us

  • Full and complete website analysis on day 1.
  • Your SEO strategy is implemented with dedication.
  • All our SEO experts are entrepreneur oriented and will completely focus on getting the job done. 
  • Constantly developing new and better strategies, so you can keep increasing your search rankings.
  • Our team has growth hackers, experienced implementation SEO experts to get your site moving in the positive direction.  
  • We get you ranking just like we do on Google for your targeted keywords. 
  • We are teachers and experts who live and breath SEO every single day. 

Grow Your Content And Convert

A complete do-it-for-you content marketing service that targets your precise audience. We build SEO strategies tailored to your industry and research keywords that will help you rank and drive organic traffic to your evergreen content.  See sample screenshots below on how our content ranks on search and how our clients rank organically on search.

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What You'll Get From Us

  • We create targeted quality content for your blog every week.

Benefits: Clear titles and topics that drive traffic

  • Researched content that validates your audience and ideal target customers

Benefits: Traffic that converts to customers

  • Customized content distribution & promotions

Benefits: Find your content on other publications and build targeted inbound links

  • Convert your content traffic to leads

Benefits: Generate marketing quality leads to your sales team



We save you time and money with your content and link building strategy. You can completely replace your content team, while building your company with expert writer for the fraction of what you'll pay a full time content creator and marketer. 

Happy Clients


Luxury car rental company

  • Grew from 6000 unique monthly traffic to 12K organic visitors in 6 months.
  • Inbound links gained from 2 links per month to 6 targeted inbound links per week.
  • Weekly content schedule and promotion.

B2B enterprise data platform for advertising 

  • Startup content distribution and link building.
  • Acquired 20-40 inbound links before product launch.
  • Content promotion to 50 plus directories within 10 days.  

Our SEO Process and Approach 

Website Tags

After researching your target keywords, start the process of implementing them on your pages. By applying keywords in your website pages - titles, meta descriptions, page copy and images, you'll start to see ranking improvements with your targeted pages. Remember, your sites page age matters, the older the domain the better and faster it will be to rank on search.

  • Title tags
  • Meta tags
  • Page copy
  • Page title
  • Alt Tags 



URL Keyword positioning, length and structure On all Pages

Make use of your URL for search engine optimization. Your website pages and url should consist of your targeted keywords. The structure should include full words or numbers depending on what the page contains.  This is one of the things, search engines will love. When you have a well written url, it's easy for search engines to understand the page content without crawling the full page. 

  • Analyze current keyword rankings
  • Update site maps in google console (Webmaster)
  • Evaluate content as related to targeted keywords
  • Competitors for your targeted keywords
  • Update redirects and optimize page url's

Site Navigation

Don't clutter your navigation, keep is clean and easy to navigate from one page to another. How will search engines and humans navigate your site? You'll need a clear navigation structure to boost your usability and conversion rate with this simple approach. 

  • Restructure navigation menu
  • Label all navigation and include title tags
  • Better structure for usability and exposure

Page and Content Duplicates

With all the search engine penalties from Google, duplicate copies can be SEO chaos. Make you don't have 2 or more of the url's and repeat full content on multiple pages. This will confuse the search engine bots and degrade your site.  

  • Eliminate duplicate pages 
  • Focus on targeted keywords per pages
  • Optimize full page content
  • Add Alt text to all images

Inbound link review (backlinks)/Off-page SEO

Inbound links (Backlinks) are the live blood of your sites optimization after on-page SEO has been achieved. When linking to other sites, you must make sure they are of high quality and will help increase your sites authority for higher search rankings.  

  • Disavow low quality inbound links
  • Link to high quality content in your niche
  • Build a complete inbound link profile 
  • Links from high pr qaulity sites only

Content Creation, Re-purposing & Promotions

We have developed partnerships with writers and content creators who can strategically create content that elevates with your targeted audience and drives traffic that matters to your site. This also includes, re-purposing existing content on your blog, ebooks, infographs, PDF slide decks and more!

  • Distribute your content to partner sites
  • Re-purpose content and host on other site
  • Create interactive content that drives engagement