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Optimize Your Search Engine Rankings

Whether it is on-page optimization or off-page Optimization, Backlinkfy can Increase your return on investment through organic optimization, content creation and link building. Our campaigns are tailored for long-term success, as we endeavor to increase your website’s visibility and ranking.

Content + Link Building?

We help you build links with a content strategy in mind. When it comes to quality ethical link building, we deliver with our proven strategy. Backlinkfy has helped over 120+ startups and small businesses. 

Our SEO strategy ensures targeting only relevant links that match your niche market and can increase your SERP's.


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Increased targeted web traffic is why businesses and Entrepreneurs seek a digital marketing agency. When businesses come to us, they are seeking an opportunity to have their own digital marketing assistant. With this in mind, your website SERP Authority instantly increases and gets recognized by search engines faster.

*No Software Shortcuts, focused links built manually through content creation and referrals.

Some Of Our Clients and Organic Ranking Positions

Free Full Website Analysis Report

*100% Free with plan ($299 Value)

*Check Add-ons for more services and packages that will improve your website further!


At Backlinkfy, your business or brand’s content reaches your marketing objectives - from awareness to conversions based on your industry. Our content and marketing strategy encompasses creating and curating relevant and valuable content with the intention of story telling and awareness. 

Content creation is an ongoing process, best integrated into your overall marketing strategy. You own your unique media content which will in turn provide informative content to your consumers.

Links from your content

  1. Inbound Link must be highly relevant to your business
  2. High authority page rank links work well with relevant content
  3. Anchor text relevancy and targeted keywords within text
  4. No Paid inbound links Ever!
  5. No Links from spam boards or private groups. Focus on manual linking

Backlinkfy inbound link building and content marketing campaigns are built by researching high quality keyword and competitor analysis. Quality links build domain authority over time, that's what we do.

Content Marketing Process

Planning Your content strategy

Audits are performed on your industry and competitors to come up with a strategic plan on how to approach your content. Extensive keyword research and your industry, gives us a precise guide on how to get you started. 

Where does your Audience come from

We will research and get to understand your ideal audience, this are people interested in your products or services and target their buying process to see what search queries they frequently use in your industry.

Build Simple road maps

Your business needs a story to best represent it. We tell your brands unique story, that will resurrect with your targeted audience. This includes a road map for content creation and topics to focus on.

Marketing Channels for Success

Now we need to know where your audience is hiding. We pinpoint the most relevant venues to promote your content for maximum exposure. Sites like LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Medium and other social content websites will be researched for best value. 

Our Creation

Our creative writers, editors and designers will create content that can be shareable, has substantial value and most of all brings the right targeted traffic to your content. This will be unique content tailored toward your business. 

Promoting Content

We strategically market your content to platforms that dive it home for engagement. This is the determining factor of your contents success. 

Measuring your Content

We stack on the best performing content marketing campaigns and restructure content that needs improvement. This helps to boost your overall performance.

Why You Need Content To Succeed With SEO 

content marketing strategy - backlinkfy

Build a better online presence for your website and improve your rankings on search engines like: Google, Yahoo, Bing.

What You Get:

  • Dedicated account specialist
  • New potential Customers
  • Weekly reports on progress
  • Weekly percentage of work done
  • Status position on search engines

Paid Search Campaign Setup

Our PPC advertising service provides any startup or small business the perfect opportunity to get a share of targeted paid search engine queries. Paid search has becoming increasingly crowded and competitive depending on your industry. In order to maximize results, you need insightful data analysis skills and continual performance-based testing to improve your PPC campaigns in today's advertising.


PPC Management Services

  • Dedicated account manager
  • Website Landing Page consulting 
  • On-going development strategies 
  • Optimizing for higher CTR 
  • In-depth pay per click analysis and report
  • Boost volume and reduce spending
  • On-going conversion tracking
  • On-going ad copy and analysis
  • Increasing conversion


Adwords management
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PPC Campaign Client Case Study

PPC Case Study

PPC Management Service for Google Adwords - Setup Process

Step 1

(Account Setup 1 to 3 Business Days)

Our in-house PPC Expert will take steps to learn about your business in order to create the most cost effective PPC campaign specific to your niche. Analyze your competition Ad campaigns to see how they are performing and what keywords are being targeted.

Step 2

(Initial Account Management 4 weeks) 

We do a complete analysis of your best-performing ad groups within PPC campaign and allocate funds to groups that are performing well. After collecting data, we proceed to A/B testing and see which Ads are performing and have conversions.

Step 3

(PPC Consultant Manages Account)

Your campaign is now receiving targeted traffic and you see the flow in your analytics tool, but this doesn’t mean that our service is done.


       Download Your Free Copy Today!

       Download Your Free Copy Today!

PPC Advertising - including the following:

  • No Setup fees
  • Dedicated account specialist
  • New Customers
  • Better search rankings
  • Weekly report tracking
  • More page engagement
  • High conversion

Campaigns We Optimize and Manage

We are good at....

  • PPC Campaign Audits
  • Google AdWords
  • Bing Ads
  • Display Network Advertising
  • Facebook/Instagram Ads
  • Google Re-marketing (Retargeting)
  • Search Network Advertising
  • Twitter Advertising
  • Pinterest Ads
  • StumbleUpon – Paid 

Optimum Return on Investment (ROI)

Our PPC management strategy includes:

  • PPC Copy writing – Effective & Catchy copies that convert
  • Bidding strategy - budget allocation
  • Bid Management – Least and most competitive keywords
  • Strategic keyword recommendations
  • Extensive Keyword Analysis
  • ROI Rate Reports – Detailed CTR, traffic & ROI reports
  • Re-marketing after data volume
  • Performance Reports and adjustments
  • Campaign upgrades



Backlinkfy creates your PPC campaigns from setup to implementation. We build your entire PPC marketing campaigns and measure performance weekly, focusing on ROI.

Featured Startup & SaaS Directories

200+ Directories, Rating & Review Sites

Improve your SEO and SERP

Advertise your SaaS to potential customers

Get more relevant traffic and inbound links

Public PR about your product/company


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Some Quality Directories We Submit To

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Social Accounts

Social Media Marketing & Strategy

Social media marketing can increase page engagement for your business with likes, followers and shares! Websites need social media interaction for growth and brand recognition. Get the fans you need to grow on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest. 

What You Get:

  • Dedicated account specialist
  • New followers, likes, and shares
  • Weekly report tracking
  • More page engagement

Social media platforms provide long term customer relationships within networks or groups.

Backlinkfy Social Media Optimization (SMO) Services Include:

  • Increase the number of follower and social votes
  • Increase customer engagement
  • Set up & manage various social accounts
  • Create the right buzz around your brand
  • Build brand loyalty

Facebook Ads

Facebook is the biggest online Social network where you will find potential consumers from all over the world looking for similar products or services you offer. Backlinkfy creates the right Facebook marketing pages that sell. Focusing on sales and engagement with you followers.

Twitter Ads

Twitter with just 140 characters, you can create an astounding buzz around your brand that brings potential customers rushing to your website. This includes; Strategic placements of well researched Hashtags and structuring your delivery times for more views

Instagram Ads

Instagram ads can be ran through Facebook Ad manager which gives you the opportunity to put your products in front of a fast growing audience visually. 

Pinterest Ads

Pinterest Ads are for people who love images. Promote a pin within your niche market, get a flock of traffic to your business in no time. 

*Almost 80% of consumers online make a purchase decision based on social media influences.


Get likes to your page and post on social media. This will help boost your startup efforts, if you are in the beginning stages. More established pages can increase their visibility and business identity.


You want your post to be seen by the masses? Now you can get your social post shared with your network of friends. This will help give your post extensive views and engagement.


You can't grow your network without followers. We will give you real engaging followers interested in the things your like and share. Build a strong network of followers and be famous.

Our web designers have the skills and experience to easily create a grade A eCommerce websites or simple your small-business websites for better visibility online and mobile. You work directly with our designers with weekly update status every step of the way.

Tell us what you want and get a perfect design for your next project.

  • Attorneys and Law Firms
  • CPAs and Bookkeepers
  • Construction & Engineering
  • Home & Property
  • Architecture & Surveying
  • HVAC Services
  • Retail/E-commerce
  • Healthcare Practice & Pharmacies
  • Counseling & Psychological
  • Transportation
  • Hospitality
  • Photography
  • Video Production

We design professional websites for small businesses and entrepreneurs who need an online/mobile presence within a short period of time. Lets get your business started online & mobile.


Over 100's of Businesses can’t be wrong about their Digital Presence. We won’t let them. Our Internet Presence Management service has helped startups and small businesses throughout the U.S. streamline their sales cycle, generate leads, and establish a confident website reputation.

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How much do you plan on spending on this project?

Some Of Our Well Structured Designed Websites

What is your budget?

professional web design

Backlinkfy is the preferred Press Release service provider for publicists - Marketing & Advertising agencies, including Entrepreneurs.

We have the capacity of handling hundreds of press release distribution orders simultaneously and efficiently. Our average turnaround is 2 business days with a full report and live links.

Press Coverage

Highlight Of Services

  • Affodable Custom US National Distribution
  • Major media outlets locally and Nationally
  • Database of well establish Journalists
  • Stack track record reaching reporters, bloggers, television
  • We have strategy partnerships with news wires
  • Gain high authority inbound links for SEO
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Select a Day. Best days for distribution are Tuesdays and Wednesdays for maximum exposure!


We are cheaper, quicker and have a bigger distribution network than our competitors. You don't want to spend your day emailing journalists and media sites that will never respond —so let us do the work for you easily and quickly.

press release distribution service

Rates Starting at $99